Board Policies

Voice Recognition

Board Policies

Board Policies

Columbia Local Schools Board Policies

AASchool District Legal Status

ABThe People and Their School District
ABACommunity Involvement in Decision-Making (also KC)
ABBStaff Involvement in Decision-Making (also GBB)
ABCStudent Involvement in Decision-Making (also GBB)

AC-RNondiscrimination on the Basis of Handicaps
Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex/Sexual Harassment
ACAA Sexual Harassment 
ACA-E/ACAA-E Sexual Harassment Complaint Form 
ACAA-RSexual Harassment Grievance Procedures
ACBNondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability (504/ADA Grievance Procedure)

ADDevelopment of Philosophy of Education
ADAEducational Philosophy

AEMission and Goals of Columbia Schools

AFEvaluation of School Operations
AFAEvaluation of School Board Operational Procedures (also BK)
AFA-EEvaluation of School Board Operational Procedures (also BK-E)
AFBEvaluation of the Superintendent (also CBG)
AFB-EEvaluation of the Superintendent
AFBAEvaluation of the Treasurer (also BCCB)
AFBA-EEvaluation of the Treasurer
AFCEvaluation of Professional Staff (also GCN)
AFC-1Evaluation of Professional Staff (Ohio Teachers Evaluation System) (also GCN-1)
AFC-2Evaluation of Professional Staff (also GCN-2)
Evaluation of Professional Staff (Administrators Both Professional and Support) (also GCN-2-R)
Evaluation of School Counselors (Also GCNA)
AFDEvaluation of Support Staff (also GDN)
AFEEvaluation of Instructional Programs (also IM)
AFIEvaluation of Educational Resources
BABoard Operational Goals
BBSchool Board Legal Status
BBASchool Board Powers and Duties
BBAABoard Member Authority (and duties)
BBBSchool Board Elections
BBBA/BBBBBoard Member Qualifications/Oath of Office
BBEUnexpired Term Fulfillment
BBFSchool Board Member Ethics
BBF-EBoard Member Code of Ethics
BBFABoard Member Conflicts of Interest
BCABoard Organizational Meeting
BCBBoard Officers
BCCQualifications and Duties of Treasurer
BCCAIncapacity of Treasurer
BCCA-RIncapacity of Treasurer
BCCBEvaluation of the Treasurer
BCCCTreasurer's Contract
BCDBoard-Superintendent Relationship
BCEBoard Committees
BCFAdvisory Committees to the Board
BCF-RAdvisory Committees to the Board
BCFA Business Advisory Council To The Board 
BCGSchool Attorney
BCHConsultants to the Board
BDSchool Board Meetings
BDARegular Board Meetings
BDCExecutive Sessions
BDDBoard Meeting Procedures
BDDANotification of Board Meetings
BDDB Agenda Format 
BDDB-EAgenda Format
BDDCAgenda Preparation and Dissemination
Quorum/Rules of Order
BDDFVoting Method
BDDF-EVoting Method
BDDHPublic Participation at Board Meetings (also KD)
BDDJBroadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings (also KBCD)
BFBoard Policy Development
BFBPreliminary Development of Policies
BFCPolicy Adoption
BFCABoard Review of Regulations (also CHB)
BFDPolicy Dissemination
BFEAdministration in Policy Absence
BFFSuspension of Policies
BFGPolicy Review and Evaluation
BFG-RMaintenance of Policies
BGBoard-Staff Communications (also GBD)
BHANew Board Member Orientation
BHBASchool Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
BHDBoard Member Compensation and Expenses
BISchool Board Legislative Program
BJSchool Board Memberships
BKEvaluation of School Board Operational Procedures (also AFA)
BK-EEvaluation of School Board Operational Procedures (also AFA-E)
CBSchool Superintendent
CBAQualifications and Duties of Superintendent (Job Description)
CBAAIncapacity of the Superintendent
CBCSuperintendent’s Contract
CBESuperintendent’s Development Opportunities
CBGEvaluation of the Superintendent (also AFB)
CCAdministrative Organization Plan
CCA-EOrganizational Chart
CCBLine and Staff Relations
CDManagement Team
CEAdministrative Councils and Committees
CGSpecial Programs Administration
CGCState and Federal Programs Administration
CHPolicy Implementation
CHADevelopment of Regulations
CHBBoard Review of Regulations (also BFCA)
CHCRegulations Dissemination
CHCAApproval of Handbooks and Directives
CHDAdministration of Policy Absence (also BFE)
CLAdministrative Reports
CMSchool District Annual Report
DAFiscal Management Goals
DBAnnual Budget (Annual Appropriation Measure)
DBBFiscal Year
DBD Budget Planning
DBGBudget Hearings and Reviews
DBHBudget Adoption Procedures
DBKBudget Transfer Authority
DCTaxing and Borrowing Authority/Limitations
DDFunding Proposals and Applications
DERevenues from Tax Sources
Administration of Federal Grant Funds
DFARevenues from Investments
DFBRevenues from School Owned-Real Estate
DGDepository of Funds
DGA Authorized Signatures, Use of Facsimile Signatures 
DHBonded Employees and Officers
DIFiscal Accounting and Reporting
DIDInventories (Fixed Assets)
DJBPetty Cash/Change Accounts
DJCBidding Requirements
DJECooperative Purchasing
DJFPurchasing Procedures
DJF-RPurchasing Procedures
DJHCredit Cards
DKPayment Procedures
DLPayroll Procedures
DLBSalary Deductions
DLB-RPolicies and Procedures, Annuities and Deferred Compensation Plans
DLCExpense Reimbursements for Conferences/Workshops/Clinics
DLC-RExpense Reimbursement for Conferences/Workshops/Clinics
DMDeposit of Public Funds (Cash Collection Points)
DNSchool Properties Disposal
DNARecords Disposal Policy
EASupport Services Goals
EBSafety Program
EBAAReporting of Hazards
EBBAFirst Aid
EBBA-RFirst Aid
EBBBAccident Reports
EBBCBlood borne Pathogens
EBBC-RBlood borne Pathogens, Handling and Disposing of Contaminated Fluids
EBCEmergency Plans
EBC-RColumbia Local Schools Emergency Procedures
EBCDEmergency Closings
EBCD-REmergency Closings
 CLSD School Closure Plan November 15, 2023 
EBCEProtection for Reporting Safety and Fraud Violations (Whistleblowers)
EBCE-RProtection for Reporting Safety and Fraud Violations (Whistleblowers)
EBCE-E-1Protection for Reporting Safety and Fraud Violations (Whistleblowers)
EBCE-E-2Protection for Reporting Safety and Fraud Violations (Whistleblowers)
EBDCrisis Management
EBEA Use of Face Coverings 
ECBuildings and Grounds Management
ECABuildings and Grounds Security
ECA-RBuildings and Grounds Security
ECFConservation of Energy
ECGIntegrated Pest Management
ECG-RIntegrated Pest Management
EDMaterial Resources Management
EDBAMusical Instruments - Maintenance Fee
EDEColumbia Local Schools Acceptable Use Network/Internet Policy
EDE-EColumbia Local Schools Internet Policy Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
EDE-RComputer/On-Line Services
EEStudent Transportation Services
EEASchool Bus Idling
EEAAWalkers and Riders
EEABSchool Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEACSchool Bus Safety Program
EEACABus Driver Examination and Training
EEACCStudent Conduct on School Buses (also JFCC)
EEACC-RStudent Conduct on School Buses (also JFCC-R)
EEACCAVideo Cameras on School Buses
EEACCA-RVideo Cameras on School Buses
EEACDDrug Testing for School Bus Drivers
EEACD-RDrug Testing for Employees Required to Hold a Commercial Driver’s License
EEADSpecial Use of School Buses
EEAEStudent Transportation in Private Vehicles
EEBCBusiness and Personnel Transportation Insurance
EF/EFBFood Services Management/Free and Reduced-rice Food Services
EFFFood Sale Standards
EFGStudent Wellness Program
EFHFood Allergies
EGOffice Services Management
EGACTelephone Services
EHAData and Records Retention
EHB Use of Electronic Signatures 
EIInsurance Management
EIBLiability Insurance
FAFacilities Development Goals
FBFacilities Planning
FDTax Issues (Also KBE)
FFNaming New Facilities
GAPersonnel Policies Goals
GBGeneral Personnel Policies
GBAEqual Opportunity Employment
GBBStaff Involvement in Decision-Making (also ABB)
GBCAStaff Conflict of Interest
GBCBStaff Conduct
GBCCEmployee Substance Abuse
GBDBoard-Staff Communications (also BG)
GBEStaff Health and Safety
GBE-RStaff Health and Safety
GBEAAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) (also JHCCA)
GBGStaff Participation in Political Activities
GBHStaff-Student Relations (also JM)
GBIStaff Gifts and Solicitations
GBIA Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding (Also IGDFA) 
GBK No Tobacco Use on District Property By Staff Members
GBLPersonnel Records
GBMStaff Complaints and Grievances
GBNExtended Group Health Coverage
GBOVerification of Employment Eligibility
GBPDrug-Free Workplace
GBQCriminal Record Check
GBRFamily and Medical Leave
GBR-RFamily and Medical Leave
GBSHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA)
GBS-ENotice of Privacy Practices
GCProfessional Staff
GCAProfessional Staff Positions
GCBProfessional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GCB-1Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans (Teachers)
GCB-2Professional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans (Administrators)
GCB-2-RProfessional Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans (Administrators)
GCBAProfessional Staff Salary Schedules
GCBAAProfessional Staff Salary Schedule Credit
GCBBProfessional Staff Supplementary Pay Plans
GCBCProfessional Staff Fringe Benefits
GCBDProfessional Staff Leaves and Absences
GCBEProfessional Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCCProfessional Staff Recruiting
GCDProfessional Staff Hiring
GCDAEmployment of Retired Personnel (Administrative)
GCEPart-Time and Substitute Professional Staff Employment
GCGProfessional Staff Probation and Tenure (Continuing Contract Status)
GCHProfessional Staff Seniority
GCIProfessional Staff Assignments and Transfers
GCJ/GCKProfessional Staff Time Schedules/Professional Staff Workload
GCKBProfessional Staff Meetings
GCLProfessional Staff Development Opportunities
GCNEvaluation of Professional Staff
GCN-1Evaluation of Professional Staff (Ohio Teachers Evaluation System) (Also AFC-1)
GCN-2Evaluation of Professional Staff (Administrators Both Professional and Support) (Also AFC-2)
GCN-2-REvaluation of Professional Staff (Administrators Both Professional and Support) (Also AFC-2-R)
Evaluation of School Counselors (Also AFCA)
GCPProfessional Staff Termination of Employment
GCP-RProfessional Staff Termination of Employment
GCPAReduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPA-2Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force (Administrators)
GCPA-2-RReduction in Professional Staff Work Force
GCPBResignation of Professional Staff Members
GCPCRetirement of Professional Staff Members
GCPD Suspension and Termination of Professional Staff Members 
GCPENonrenewal of Limited Contracts
GCQABTutoring for Pay
GDSupport Staff
GDASupport Staff Positions
GDAASupport Staff Dress Code
GDBSupport Staff Contracts and Compensation Plans
GDBASupport Staff Salary Schedules
GDBAACredit for Previous Experience (non certificated)
GDBBSupport Staff Supplementary Pay Plans (Overtime)
GDBCSupport Staff Fringe Benefits
GDBDSupport Staff Leaves and Absences
GDBESupport Staff Vacations and Holidays
GDC/GDCA/GDDSupport Staff Recruiting/Posting of Vacancies/Hiring
GDEPart-Time, Temporary and Substitute Support Staff Employment
GDEAArrangements for Support Staff Substitutes
GDGSupport Staff Probation and Tenure
GDISupport Staff Assignments and Transfers
GDJ/GDKSupport Staff Time Schedules/Workload
GDLSupport Staff Development Opportunities
GDNEvaluation of Support Staff (also AFD)
GDPSupport Staff Termination of Employment
GDPAReduction in Support Staff Work Force
GDPBResignation of Support Staff Members
GDPCRetirement of Support Staff Members (Severance Pay)
GDPDSuspension and Dismissal of Support Staff Members
GDPENonrenewal of Support Staff
HB/HCNegotiations Legal Status/Scope of Negotiations
HDSchool Board Negotiating Powers and Duties
HEBoard Negotiating Agents
HE-RBoard Negotiating Agents
HFSuperintendent’s Role in Negotiations
HGStaff Negotiating Organizations
HHPrivileges of Staff Negotiating Organizations
HIPayment of Negotiations Costs
HJNegotiations Procedures
HNImpasse Procedures
HOWork Stoppage
IAInstructional Goals
IAAInstructional Objectives
IBAcademic Freedom
IC/ICASchool Year/School Calendar
IDSchool Day
IEOrganization of Facilities for Instruction
IFCurriculum Development
IFDCurriculum Adoption
IFD-RProcedures to Implement Curriculum Revision
IGABasic Curricular Program
IGABHuman Relations Education
IGACTeaching About Religion
IGADCareer and Technical Education
IGAEHealth Education
IGAEAFirst Aid Instruction
IGAGDrugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education
IGAH/IGAIFamily Life/Sex Education
IGBLocal Educational Agency Special Education
 Model Special Education Policies and Procedures
 Section 504 Handbook
IGB-RIndependent Educational Evaluation Guidelines
IGBAPrograms for Handicapped Students
IGBA-F1Identification of Individual Student Needs
IGBA-RParent/Student Rights in Identification, Evaluation and Placement
IGBAAParticipation of Handicapped Students in Competency Based Education Programs (CBE)
IGBBPrograms for Students Who Are Gifted
IGBB-RPrograms for Gifted and Talented Students
IGBC-RPrograms for Disadvantaged Students
IGBERemedial Instruction
IGBEB Dyslexia Intervention and Supports 
IGBEAReading Skills Assessments and Intervention (Third Grade Reading Guarantee)
Reading Skills Assessments and Intervention (Third Grade Reading Guarantee)
IGBGHomebound Instruction
IGBHEducational Options
IGBH-1Correspondence School Courses and Tutorial Work
IGBH-2Educational Travel
IGBH-3Independent Study and Mentor Programs
IGBH-4Summer School Credits
IGBH-5Armed Forces Courses and G.E.D.
IGBH-6Study Abroad Program
IGBH-FApplication for Educational Option
IGBIEnglish Learners
IGBJTitle I Programs
IGBKLatchkey Program (Not Established by District)
IGBLParental Involvement in Education
IGBMCredit Flexibility
IGBM-RCredit Flexibility
IGCASummer Schools
IGCBInnovative Education Programs
IGCCHonors Program
IGCDEducational Options (also LEB)
IGCD-R Educatiional Options (Also LEB-R) 
IGCFHome Instruction
IGCG Preschool Program 
IGCH College Credit Plus (also LEC)
IGCH-RCollege Credit Plus (also LEC-R)
IGCK Blended Learning 
Cocurricular and Extracurricular Activities
IGDBStudent Publications
IGDCStudent Social Events
IGDFStudent Fund-Raising Activities
IGDFA Online Fundraising Campaigns/Crowdfunding (Also GBIA) 
IGDGStudent Fund-Raising Activities/Activities Funds Management
Interscholastic Athletics
IGDJ-RInterscholastic Athletics
IGDJADrug Testing of Students in Interscholastic Athletics
IGDJA-RDrug Testing of Students in Interscholastic Athletics
IGDJBInterscholastic Athletic Policy - Middle School
IGDKExtracurricular Eligibility
IGEAdult Education Programs
IGEDAdult Diploma
IGEEAwarding of High School Diplomas to Veterans of War
IHAAssignment for Instruction
IHBClass Size
IHHIndividualized Instruction
IIAInstructional Materials
IIAATextbook Selection and Adoption
IIABSupplementary Materials Selection and Adoption
IIACEducational Media Materials Selection and Adoption
IIAC-RProcedures for Selection of Educational Materials for Library / Media Centers and the Curriculum
IIBInstructional Services
IIBHDistrict Websites
IICCommunity Instructional Resources (also KF)
IICAField Trips
IICA-RField Trips
IICCSchool Volunteers
IJGuidance Program
Career Advising
IKAcademic Achievement
IKAStudent Evaluation and Grade Reporting
IKA-RGrading Scales and Grade Reporting
IKABStudent Progress Reports to Parents
IKADParent Conferences
IKC/IKDClass Rankings/Honor Rolls
IKEPromotion and Retention of Students
IKEAMake-Up Opportunities
IKFGraduation Requirements
IKF-PEPhysical Education Waiver Policy
IKF-PE ApplPhysical Education Waiver Application

IKFAEarly Graduation
IKFBGraduation Exercises
IKFC Diploma With Honors
IKFDAcademic Acceleration, Early Entrance to Kindergarten, and Early High School Graduation
IKFE Graduation Plans and Students at Risk of not Qualifying for a High School Diploma 
ILTesting Programs
IL-RTesting Programs
ILBProvisions for the Participation of Students with Handicapping Conditions in the Achievement/Ability Tests and in the Ninth and Twelfth Grade Proficiency Tests
ILBA-RSecurity Procedures for the Proficiency Tests
IMEvaluation of Instructional Programs (also AFE)
INATeaching Methods
INBTeaching About Controversial Issues
IND/INDASchool Ceremonies and Observances/Patriotic Exercises
INGAnimals in the Schools
ING-RAnimals in the Schools
INHClass Interruptions
JAStudent Policies Goals
JBEqual Educational Opportunities
JEACompulsory Attendance Ages
JEBEntrance Age
JEBAEarly Entrance To Kindergarten
JECSchool Admissions
JEC-RSchool Admissions
JECAAAdmission of Homeless Students
ODE Model Local Dispute Resolution Procedure - Admission of Homeless Students 
JECBAdmission of Nonresident Students
JECBAAdmission of Exchange Students
Admission of Exchange Students
JECBBAdmission of Interdistrict Transfer Student (Open Enrollment)
JECBB-RAdmission of Interdistrict Transfer Student Administrative Regulations
JECBCAdmission of Students from Nonchartered or Home Schooling
JECBC-RAdmission of Students from Nonchartered or Home Schooling
JECBDIntradistrict Open Enrollment
JECCAssignment of Students to Schools
JECEStudent Withdrawal from School (Loss of Driving Privileges)
JEDStudent Absences and Excuses
JED-RStudent Absences and Excuses
JEDBStudent Dismissal Precautions
JEEStudent Attendance Accounting (Missing and Absent Children)
JEFBReleased Time for Religious Instruction
JEGExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JEGAPermanent Exclusion
JEHColumbia High School Attendance Policy
JFStudent Rights and Responsibilities
JFAStudent Due Process Rights
JFBStudent Involvement in Decision-Making (also ABC)
JFCStudent Conduct Code (Zero Tolerance)
JFC-RStudent Code of Conduct
JFCAStudent Dress Code
JFCA-RStudent Dress Code
JFCBCare of School Property by Students
JFCCStudent Conduct on School Buses (also EEACC)
JFCC-RStudent Conduct on School Buses (also EEACC-R)
JFCESecret Societies
JFCFHazing and Bullying (Harassment, Intimidation and Dating Violence)
JFCF-RHazing and Bullying (Harassment, Intimidation and Dating Violence)
JFCGTobacco Use by Students
JFCIAlcohol Use by Students/Student Drug Abuse
JFCI-RStudent Substance Abuse
JFCJDangerous Weapons in the Schools
JFCJ-EUpdated Flowchart for Disciplining Gun-Toting Students with Disabilities
JFCKUse of Electronic Communications Equipment by Students
JFCLUnsafe Schools (Persistently Dangerous Schools)
JFEStudent Pregnancy and Related Conditions
JFGInterrogations and Searches
JFG-RInterrogations and Searches
JFGALocker Searches
JGStudent Discipline
JGACorporal Punishment
JGD Student Suspension
Student Expulsion
JGD-ENotice of Intent to Suspend
JGD-ENotice of Suspension to Student, Parent/Guardian/Custodian
JGD-ENotice of Expulsion
JGD-ENotice of Intent to Expel
JGD-RRegulations For Student Class Work During Suspension
JGDA Emergency Removal of Student
JHStudent Welfare
JHAStudent Insurance Program
JHCStudent Health Services and Requirements
JHCA Physical Examinations of Students
JHCC Communicable Diseases 
JHCCAAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) (also GBEA)
JHCDAssisting Students with Self Medication
JHCD-EMedication Guidelines
JHCD-F Non-Individual Specific Epinephrine Autoinjector Policy 
JHCD-RAdministering Medicines to Students
JHCD-R-FPhysician/Parent Medication Form
JHCDAControl of Head Lice
JHCDA-EPediculosis (Head Lice Control Practices)
JHFStudent Safety
JHF-FBuilding Safety Checklist
JHF-RStudent Safety
JHFASupervision of Students
JHFCStudent Bicycle Use
JHFDStudent Driving
JHFD-RStudent Driving Regulations
JHGReporting Child Abuse and Mandatory Training
JHHNotification About Sex Offenders
JIStudent Awards and Scholarships
JKEmployment of Students
JLStudent Gifts and Solicitations
JMStaff-Student Relations (also GBH)
JNStudent Fees, Fines and Charges
JN-RStudent Fees, Fines and Charges
JN-FApplication for Waiver of Student Instructional Materials Fees
JOStudent Records
JO-EDenial of Permission to Release Directory Information Without Prior Written Consent
JO-RStudent Records, Definitions
JPPositive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (Restraint and Seclusion)
KASchool-Community Relations Goals
KBPublic Information Program (Policy on Communications)
KBAPublic’s Right to Know
KBCANews Releases
KBCDBroadcasting and Taping of Board Meetings (BDDJ)
KBETax Issues
KCCommunity Involvement in Decision-Making (also ABA)
KCBCommunity Involvement in Decision Making
KDPublic Participation at Board Meetings (also BDDH)
KFCommunity Instructional Resources (also IIC)
KGCommunity Use of School Facilities
KG-RCommunity Use of School Facilities
KG-R-1Rental Rates for After-School Use of Buildings
KG-R-2Basic Rules and Regulations for the Rental of Columbia School Facilities
Public Conduct on District Property
KGCNo Tobacco Use on District Property
KHPublic Gifts to the Schools
KIPublic Solicitations in the Schools
KJ Advertising in the Schools 
Advertising In The Schools
KJA Distribution of Materials in the Schools 
KKVisitors to the Schools
KKA Recruiters in the Schools 
KK-EVisitors to the Schools
KLPublic Complaints
KLBPublic Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
KLB-EComplaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
KLDPublic Complaints About School Personnel
KLD-R Public Complaints About District Personnel 
KMARelations with Parent Organizations
KMBRelations with Booster Oganizations
KMKRelations With Columbia Historical Society
Relations with Other Schools and School Districts
Cooperative Educational Programs
Relations with Colleges and Universities
Student Teaching and Internships
Educational Options (Also IGCD)
LEB-R Educational Options (Also IGCD-R) 
College Credit Plus (Also IGCH)
College Credit Plus (Also IGCH-R)
County Education Agency Relations
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