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Science Fair

You will find important dates, useful information, and science fair forms.

Any Columbia student in grades 6-12 is eligible to participate in the Columbia Local Science Fair. This year’s fair for 6th through 12th grade will be Thursday, January 20th in the Columbia High School Cafeteria.  Students will have their projects judged by 2 judges, with these scores averaged for a final rating score. Students that receive a Superior rating at the Columbia Local Science Fair are eligible to compete at a number of additional science fairs. The awards given at these fairs are listed in their link websites. Columbia students have participated in science fairs at the local, district, state, and international levels, receiving cash awards, gifts, scholarships, and other opportunities. In addition, students learn:

1) the scientific method by conducting an original science fair project, 
2) research techniques,
3) how to write a scientific paper,
4) how to prepare an effective display,
5) interview techniques.

All students participating in the Columbia Local Science Fair MUST have their projects approved by Mrs. Karl BEFORE any research begins. The appropriate forms for the project will then need to be filled out and returned to her. Links giving step-by-step instructions will be provided upon project approval.


Becky Karl, Advisor
[email protected]
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