Girls Basketball

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Girls Basketball

Middle School Girls Basketball Schedule


2019-2020 SCHEDULE

                                                             Revised 2/28/20                                         







1-9Thurs. Langston MS (Oberlin)5:00Away
1-13Mon. Clearview 5:00 Home
1-14Tues.Greenbriar (Parma) 5:00 Home 
1-16 Thurs.Black River MS5:00 Away
1-21 Tues. Wellington 5:00Home 
1-23Thurs. Brookside MS 5:00Away 
1-27Mon.South Amherst MS (Firelands) 5:00Away
1-29Wed. Rocky River MS5:00 Home 
1-30 Thurs.Keystone 5:00 Home 
2-3 Mon. Langston MS (Oberlin) 5:00 Home 
2-6 Thurs. Durling MS (Clearview) 5:00 Away 
2-10 Mon. Black River (7gr. 1/2 game, 8 gr. 5:45 start)5:00 Home 
2-13Thurs. Wellington MS- CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER5:00 Away
2-18Tues. Brookside5:00Home
2-20 Thurs. Firelands5:00 Home 
2-24 Mon. Keystone MS 5:00 Away
2-26  Wed.Wellington MS - reschedule  5:00 Away 
                                         7th grade games start at 5:00 followed by the 8th unless noted.

                     LC8 Tournament:  8th grade play at Columbia MS on Feb. 29 and March 3.                                   The Championship game will be played at Columbia High School on March 4 at 6:30 pm.
                    7th grade play at Wellington on Feb. 29 and Black River on March 3. 
                    The Championship game will be played at Columbia High School on March 4 at 5:00 pm.   
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