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Return to School 5 Days Per Week

Dear Raider Families and Staff,

CLSD appreciates the patience and cooperation of our students, families and staff as we work towards a full return to in-person learning 5 days per week.  We want to thank all of you for working together during this pandemic.  While we all know that it was not the best situation academically, it was from a health and safety standpoint.  We were also fortunate to not have to change our educational models from remote to hybrid, back to remote and so on like other districts.  Thank you so much once again!

With all of that being said, the district plans on returning to a 5-day per week model of instruction for grades kindergarten through 12th beginning on Monday, April 12, 2021.  The instructional model for our Preschool program will remain the same as it has been, continuing in the 2 hours and 45-minute model of instruction 4 days per week.

The current hybrid A/B instructional model will be discontinued for grades K-12 after the school day on March 30, 2021.   The Calvert/APEX Online Only learning pathway will continue to be in place for this school year for students that are currently learning in this model.  If you are currently in the Online Only model, you will remain there until the end of this school year.
Please click HERE for important information and dates as we make our way to a safe return.  Please note that there are days that school will not be in session due to the staff receiving the vaccine and in-service days to prepare for the return.  While we know that additional days off are not ideal, we need to prepare the rooms, buildings and the curriculum.

Thank you,
Graig Bansek

Cares Home Relief Assistance


CARES Home Relief Water & Sewer Assistance Program through the Lorain County Community Action Agency

 Lorain County residents who are behind on their water and sewer bills due to COVID-19 are urged to apply for assistance as soon as possible. Use this link below.  This application secures your place in line. You will be contacted to complete your application. You will be updated periodically on your application status. Phone calls are not being accepted. You must be past due on your water/sewer bill and be living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. You will complete an initial request and then an advocate will contact you to complete your application.


Reset and Restart Plan

To read this important document, please click HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Columbia Local School District Restart Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

What about band and choir if the online option is chosen, how do the kids do that?

  • Students are not able to take band/choir as a calss in the online option.  Students may participate in after school marching band and athletics if they are doing online learning.

Will enrichment for math/reading be offered in school days for those kids who have qualified for that service?

  • Gifted services will be offered in school days for students who have qualified and meet Columbia Local School District Service Plan.

My children will be in 2 different areas during the day (one at home and one at daycare) for the days of online learning. Will we be allowed 2 chromebooks to accommodate this?

  • At this time, families who need technology will be issued one CLSD chromebook.

For the Friday of Live classroom teaching, will this be something my 1st grader should be able to do at his daycare center? What does the structure of this day look like or will that be determined by the teacher?

  • Friday sessions will be held via Google Meet.  Times will be determined by the student’s teacher.  All sessions will be recorded.  Therefore, if a child is unable to attend a Friday Session, the lesson can be viewed at a later date. 

What letters of the alphabet will be attending on what days of the week?

  • Once we receive results of the survey and we know how many students will be in session, we will split students into two groups.  You will be notified by your child's building as soon as schedules are set.

It doesn’t clarify as to what letters of the alphabet are in group A or B.

  • Once we receive results of the survey and we know how many students will be in session, we will split students into two groups.  You will be notified by your child's building as soon as schedules are set.

How are we going to do therapy for children with special needs who need more help? 

  • CLSD Intervention Specialists and Speech Therapists will ensure that all IEP weekly minutes are met while the child is in school for hybrid students. Online students accommodations will be met by the success coach and their school case manager.

As far as the online learning option … will it be something that is flexible for each student to work on each week at their own pace?

  • There will be due dates, but students will be able to work on assignments throughout the day.  There will not be a set time to meet for certain subjects. 

Will teachers be available for instruction if needed via video chat or phone call? 

  • Each online student will be assigned a success manager.  The success manager will hold daily office hours where technical questions can be answered.  

Will students with special educational needs IEP have opportunities to get in person tutoring if needed in person like high school students or is that only for high school students? If so, can my child be exempt from wearing a mask during these sessions or use a face shield instead? 

  • Special Education in person “tutoring” is according to a child’s IEP.  High School students IEPs often have guided study halls listed as an accommodation.  This morning tutoring satisfies this requirement.  All Special Education students will have the required minutes met.

Is a face shield an adequate face covering for any student?

  • No, a face mask is required.  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics “wearing a mask reduces the chances of an infected individual passing the virus onto others, but only if worn properly, covering both one's nose and mouth.”

Do you have a sample schedule for students on a/b schedule while in school and expectations for virtual learning days when at home the other days in elementary?

  • Copopa will include a sample schedule in their Restart Plan which will be emailed soon.

  • On Friday, students will have a designated time to meet with his/her teacher and a lesson will be presented.  

Are there designated times for online programs with going to school for 2 days?

  • There will be due dates, but students will be able to work at their own pace.

Can seniors only take the classes that are needed to graduate?

  • We are currently working on the logistics of this.  However, if you are a student athlete, you must have 5 courses during the course of the nine weeks to be eligible. 

Due to being in school only 2 days and the activities/projects being allowed changing, is there a new/updated school supply list?

  • School supply lists vary from building to building and  will be posted on our website.

On the two days children will have school will they be allowed to play at recess or do any of the normal fun activities they look forward to or will it be solely educational?

  • Students in grades K-8 will have assigned small group recess times.  We are encouraging our teachers to take students outside as often as possible.   Outdoor recess will consist of structured zoned activities to ensure social distancing. Indoor recess is not permitted.  In poor weather students will be given a brain break with other indoor structured activities.  

When a student is absent will the makeup work be the full days busy work as we've seen in the past, or will there be online content so they can keep up and pass assignments to their teachers via google classroom? This is something that wasn't really possible before everyone got onboard with the google classrooms and that I anticipate more absences than in the past when we forced the kids to go to school even though they said "they felt sick".

  • If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.  All teachers are required to keep a Google Classroom updated.  Students will be able to see assignments and keep up with assignments if they are home sick.  Teachers will be available to answer questions.  

Quarantine. It is going to happen that kids are not allowed at school because someone in the classroom was sick. I have multiple kids so in theory if 1 kid gets put on quarantine they all will. I can only imagine the burden on the teachers to do both classroom and online instruction at the same time is too much. How will the kids do 14 days "make up work"? Is the curriculum online anyway since they are only 2 days in school per week? Does the school have the internet bandwidth to stream the instruction for the "quarantined" kids at home who chose hybrid over online?

  • If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.  All teachers are required to keep a Google Classroom updated.  Students will be able to see assignments and keep up with assignments if they are home sick.  Teachers will be available to answer questions.  Quarantined students will not switch to the online platform.  They will stay and work through assignments assigned by their CLSD teachers.

We are starting kindergarten in the fall. We are considering the go to school option. When I look at the supply list I do not see hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes. Do you need parents to send some of these supplies to school as well? 

  • We will have sanitizing supplies on site.  However, you are welcome to pack your own individual hand sanitizer, tissues and wipes for just your child. 

What is the thought process about sending half the kids M/W and the other half T/Th instead of splitting them up M-T and W-Th or Th-F so that the opposite groups of kids aren't going to school back to back? Providing additional information about that plan, as well as the daily cleaning plan between each group of kids would be helpful. Also, additional information about how work should be completed on the "online" schooling days will be helpful. As in, will it look like it did in the spring with assignments just being posted/graded via Google classroom, or will any additional instruction be provided to students on these days? 

  • In the survey sent to parents in the spring, parents communicated to us that they felt due dates and more teacher interaction was needed.  We didn’t want students attending school back to back days and then not seeing with their teachers until the following week.  With this schedule, students will go to school and receive instruction on the in-school day, homework will be sent home for the student to complete on the next home day. Students should be able to complete this work, for the most part, independently.  Students will then come back and be able to ask clarifying questions to their teachers the very next day as opposed to waiting numerous days.  All assignments will be listed on Google Classroom.  

  • Face to face instruction will be offered on Fridays for all students. 

  • All classrooms will be completely sanitized nightly and heavily sanitized every Friday night.

Can/Do we still apply for free/reduced lunches?

  • Yes, free and reduced lunch application directions will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.  

My questions are about online learning… Why are there two different options depending on school grade? 

  • Online learning is provided based on the learning platforms.  Calvert is only available K-5. Apex is only 6-12.   Therefore, two options had to be used.

Why are they not being provided with teacher led learning?

  • Our teachers will be teaching the students who are attending in person.  In order to properly socially distance and continue to offer educational services, we needed to use all of our current staff members. Therefore, no teachers are available for the online learning model.

Who is the success manager?

  • For Grades K-4, the success manager will be Mrs. Milluzzi.  For grades 5-8, the success manager will be Mrs. Acker.  For the high school, the students will be split amongst all staff members and those have not been assigned as of yet. 

I looked at the demo but it does not show what my child's day would look like. 

  • Here is a sample from one of the demo as to what a week may look like: 

How will they be on the same timeline with their hybrid taught co-students if they will be doing all learning on their own? It seems like online learning is short changing the kids. Please direct me to see that I am wrong. Is there something I am not seeing with the demo?

  • The success manager will speak to the content area to decipher what standard is being taught.  The success manager will then assign the unit to the student that teaches that standard.  While students may not be completing the same assignments they will be learning the same standard.  If you don’t care for the online only option, the hybrid option is available. 

If the hybrid model is chosen I would like to make sure masks are worn at all times, and that they will not be removed if sitting by a plastic barrier. If they are able to be removed who will be monitoring that the masks are not dropped on the floor and that they are taken off and put back on correctly so as to not have an issue with contamination. 

  • Schools will be enforcing the mask policy. If students refuse to wear the mask, they will be instructed to attend online only learning. If they are sitting behind the barrier they are allowed to quickly take off the mask to provide a brief mask break.  We have included a video on our plan for parents to talk to their child about masks and how to wear them.

Are the kids changing classes?

  • K-8 students will not be changing classes. If grade levels are departmentalized, teachers will be moving from room to room High school students will be changing classes, but bells will not be rung.  Classes will be dismissed one at a time and hallways will have a one way traffic pattern to ensure all social distancing protocols will be met. 

If yes, who is cleaning the desks in-between kids? 

  • The high school will have two sets of desks in their classrooms.  Students will alternate desks between periods.  Teachers will wipe down the desks after each class period and they will dry while students are sitting in the alternate desks. 

How many kids will be in a class?

  • This number depends on the amount of students who choose the online model.  With numbers as they stand now our class sizes range from 8-14.

How many kids will be at a lunch table if eating in the gym or cafeteria and how will that be decided? 

  • At the K-8 building students will no longer be eating at a table.  Desks are being placed in our cafeteria.  6 feet apart.  Students will be assigned a desk to sit at.  Desks will be sanitized between lunch periods.  At the high school, students will be sitting at a table facing one way while observing social distancing. 

If drop off time is 8:05 how are you managing to keep the kids at 6ft distance?

  • Drop off monitors will be outside to dismiss students one car at a time to ensure the 6 ft distance.  Busses will be dismissed by individual seats and the next seat will not be dismissed until a child has passed the bottom step.

Is the band still happening?

  • Marching band is continuing as of right now because of the ability to be outside and social distance.

How does this affect community service hours?

  • It does not, community service hours are still required.

Will there be set times for school when they are online that they need to be on the computer? I know two days in school but I’m worried about set times for computer work.

  • Students will be assigned a time on Fridays only to meet on Google Meet with their teachers.  All Google Meet sessions will be recorded and can be watched at your convenience if there is a conflict in time.  The other two at home days consist of homework and enrichment activities.  There will be no set time they have to be online.

If the preschool is also doing hybrid schooling, will tuition be reduced?

  • Preschool will still meet four days a week due to their small class sizes.  Since we are not reducing, tuition will remain the same.  

Will Little Raiders still be 4 days T-F?

  • Yes, Little Raiders preschool will still be 4 days a week. The days will be Monday-Thursday.

Are the First Day School supplies in?

  • PTO will be in contact with those who have ordered.  However supplies are scheduled to be delivered on August 18. The plan is to have parents pick up at the pavilion in Columbia Park.

When do we find out class assignments?

  • After the survey is completed, classes will be split into even cohorts.  Lists will be emailed out by August 21, 2020 at the latest.

What cleaner will be used in the electrostatic misting spray?

  • Lysol’s no rinse sanitizer is the name of the product. This meets the COVID19 sanitation requirements. 

Will masks be required during recess (outdoor) and during PE?

  • Masks will be required on the way to and from recess and lunch in the hallway but will be able to be removed once they are outside during physical activity. Students will be issued lanyards they can clip their mask on so they don’t lose or damage it.

My children do not drink out of plastic, will stainless steel water bottles with water be acceptable?

  • Yes, that is acceptable as long as it is filled with water only.

You mention a self screening and answering a list of questions being required before going to school. Is this every day that we will have to fill out some sort of form before school?

  • It is the expectation of the parent to evaluate his/her child to ensure COVID symptoms are not present.  There is no form for parents to complete.

If we choose to pick our children up from school, what will that look like? In previous years, students were all brought out at once in a big group. How will you enforce keeping them socially distant from each other, especially for the younger age groups, while they wait for their parents' car?

  • Students will be lined up adhering socially distanced protocols in the building.  We will then send them out one at a time to a 6 ft apart marked spot on the concrete to wait for their ride.  As a spot is vacated, another child will move up in line.

If my child has a runny nose/congested nose only they are to stay home even if due to allergies?

  • Please indicate allergies when filling out your Emergency Medical Form this school year.  Provide any documentation from your doctor.  Students are allowed to attend school if allergies are documented.

Is the attendance policy altered as well for these instances? If we need to keep them home but they still do their work are they absent?

  • CLSD adopted a new board policy at the August 5, 2020 meeting.  It states “Students will not be penalized for absences related to contracting COVID-19 or having to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19 exposure/symptoms, regardless of whether the student is participating in-person, remotely or both.”

Is there any flexibility in regards to what days a child can be at school for kindergarten? Both my husband and I will be working full time away from home. (I am in Healthcare and he’s a teacher whose district is going to class five days a week). I am off Thursdays. With our last name my son will be going Tuesday/Thursdays to school. It would help us out tremendously if he could go Monday/Wednesday’s instead. Just wondering if this is even an option as we all try to navigate scheduling. 

  • Please email your principal with your preference. We will evaluate requests on a case by case base due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control.   We need to keep class sizes in both cohorts even.  There is not a guarantee,  but we will see what we can do.  

In the demo for online learning when I was going through it I didn’t see how or where they would submit a lot of the projects or written assignments to be graded. How will this be done and also I am assuming the parent or whomever is helping with the student would be their learning guide correct. I was not impressed with the online option; it doesn't seem very inviting. I may have to look into other online options on my own.

  • All assignments are handed in through the online portal.  Assignments are graded through this portal.  Each online child will have a CLSD success manager to help oversee the child's attendance and monitor their progress.  All online learning platforms are very similar.

If the student starts out in the hybrid situation, and a month or so into the fall semester everyone has to go virtual for some reason, and the virtual program doesn't match up to the courses the hybrid student was taking, what happens at that point? Will the students have to start over in those courses another time?

  • If CLSD goes to remote learning and your child is on the Hybrid schedule, he/she will still receive instruction from his/her teacher.  They will not use the online only learning platform.  Instruction will continue with our CLSD staff

Are CCP classes that are taught through CHS and Honors classes offered in the virtual environment? 

  • CCP classes will still be taught through LCCC. They will not use our online platform.  

  • Honors classes are offered on the Apex online learning platform. 

Will the grading scale and system be the same for both virtual and hybrid? 

  • Yes

Since sports will hopefully take place, and there are no lockers, will students carry throughout the day their sports bag, their school bag, their lunch bag, their winter coats...etc.?

  • Yes, we are encouraging backpacks with wheels.  Mr. Jump will address the sports equipment with his coaches in the coming days.

Online option… will we get more info and instruction as time goes on?

  • Yes, there will be an orientation module your child will work through to understand what needs to be done.

Will my child that attends online learning still need the same school supply list? 

  • No, online lessons use household items.  

Are there any books I need to pick up for online learning?

  • No, the online curriculum will provide what is needed.

Will attendance be recorded just like a school day for online learning?

  • Yes, students may work at their own pace, but will be required to complete assignments by their due date.

For JVS students who will be attending hybrid classes at JVS, will CLSD still be providing transportation to and from JVS?

  • Yes.

Also, do we need to respond to the survey just sent for those students who will be at JVS?

  • All CLSD students should respond to the survey.  JVS has been added as a school to our survey.

What online service will you use for hybrid?

  • Google Classroom will be our online learning management system.

If a child proceeds with remote learning via Apex the first semester and then everything is lifted the second semester and in classes resume, how will that transition look? Children are going to be learning at different levels/speeds since Columbia teachers are not going to be teaching the remote children the first semester. I would be disappointed to see any children come back to an already difficult situation just to find they are behind their peers due to a path their parents chose for them.

  • Starting second semester, the child will continue the same classes in person that were completed during the first semester. We are going to do our best to ensure our online students are assigned standards at the same pace the in person students receive them.  

On the Apex site they offer individual courses and high school academy. Class offerings are different in both. Which would students be utilizing for course selections?

  • Please click this here for the APEX course catalog.   Guidance Counselors will work with scheduling our students on the online platforms.  

If a student returns in January can they enter a year long class that is not offered on Apex for example French IV? 

  • No, this will not be possible as a student will need the entire year’s curriculum.

Please explain to me the reasoning behind utilizing Apex vs. a free online offering? 

  • Our current staff members are teaching in person and we have no staff members at this time to provide services to online students. 

Please explain to me how the online learning option is any different then what was offered in the Spring after I was assured "it will not be the same moving forward". After speaking with Apex it is exactly the same. There is no teacher lecture, there is no teacher interaction. How are students who are visual learners and require someone to walk them through math lessons for example, expected to learn. 

  • CLSD is not 100% remote learning.  If the entire district has to be remote, hybrid students will be taught completely different than in the spring.  This was addressed by Mr. Bansek in a previous communication.

Are class offerings being modified at the high school to accommodate safety protocols and if so what is not being offered. 

  • If a teacher is unable to teach the course for medical reasons and a replacement can not be found, the course will not be offered.  CLSD will do their best to fill the position with a substitute teacher.

If a parent does not select Apex for online learning but another online option does the district lose that student's dollars? 

  • Yes.

Can a student transition from another online learning choice to in school in January?

  • Yes.

When will actual class schedules be given? In case our student needs to change class schedules due to overloaded schedules or conflicts?

  • After the survey is completed, classes will be split into even cohorts.  Lists will be emailed out by August 21, 2020 at the latest. Guidance Counselors will work with students to modify schedules with conflict.

Is it too late to enroll my 9th grader into CCP classes? Would like to add one now that choir is not an option.

  • Please contact Ms. Neff at the high school ASAP. Enrollment may be able to be done on a case by case basis by LCCC.  LCCC has to accept the student’s application for enrollment. 

Will the children who receive free and reduced lunches be given vouchers if they are doing hybrid learning?

  • We are awaiting guidance from the state.

Buses will we still have transportation to and from school if they attend twice a week.

  • Please refer to the reset and restart document.

When and where will students pick up Chromebooks? 

  • Once surveys are returned, we will provide pick up information.

Is there any plan to add a busing for the high school?

  •  CLSD currently provides only afternoon busing due to the start times at Copopa and CMS.

If hybrid students will have zoom meetings on Fridays with teachers, then please explain fully why synchronous remote learning was not an option for those choosing to remain at home.

  • Our current staff members are teaching in person and we have no staff members at this time to provide services to online students. 

Are the kids required to use a chrome book or would a windows laptop be ok for the hybrid option?  I have a laptop at home we can use but if chromebook is required we will need to borrow one. Thanks.

  • Any technology can be used for learning.  A chromebook is not required.

When will we know what days our kids will attend the classes?

  • After the survey is completed, classes will be split into even cohorts.  Lists will be emailed out by August 21, 2020 at the latest.

Also, has anything been mentioned about spectators at sporting events? Thank you!

  • Not at this time, we are awaiting guidance from OHSAA.

I have one going into First (Finnegan) and one going into Kindergarten (Bodhi). I would like them to do the in-school option but our last name is Frigic and for me to be able to work I need them to be in school on Tuesday and Thursday. Is there any way for them to attend school on these days and not the Monday and Wednesday? Thanks in advance!

  • Please email your principal with your preference. We will evaluate requests on a case by case base due to extenuating circumstances beyond your control.   We need to keep class sizes in both cohorts even.  There is not a guarantee,  but we will see what we can do.  

Does the online coursework flex to my child's strengths and weaknesses to teach them or is it a one time pass/fail?

  • The online learning only option correlates with the Ohio Learning Standards and is a set curriculum.

How are electives being offered for the online option? Are electives being seen as non-essential at this time?

  • Please see the attached .pdf for course offerings.

With online will it be a learn at your own pace or will my kids be required to log a certain amount of hours per day? Per class? If it is a work at their pace, will the coursework be available weekly, per quarter, per semester, or an entire school years worth of work?

  • It is a semester course with the pace determining by how quickly a child learns.  There will be due dates, but students can work at their own pace.

How will the online vs hybrid option look in terms of my child taking algebra1 or art1 for the high school credit in 8th grade? Are these classes even being offered as an option at this time? If not available for one or both options, since my child has already took and passed pre-algebra, will she then just have to take it again? Will she be exempt from math this semester or year?

  • Please direct specific scheduling questions to your child’s guidance counselor.

Is band not being offered at all during this time?

  • Yes, marching band only with restrictions.

Come January if things remain as they are right now, are the kids who chose the online option required to stay online or will they have a choice in coming back for the remainder of the year?

  • Students will have the option to return to school or stay online only for the second semester.

What are the transitional plans if/when full in school classes are to resume?

  • We will make public when this time occurs.

Will book bags with wheels be permitted?

  • Yes, we are encouraging book bags with wheels.

Can you guarantee that if in January our child decides to return to school that they will be in the exact same point in the material they are learning?

  • Starting second semester, the child will continue the same classes in person that were completed during the first semester. We are going to do our best to ensure our online students are assigned standards at the same pace the in person students receive them.

Since I plan on doing the virtual with my boys, does that mean I don't go off the Columbia school Calendar for things? IE. orientations, conferences, closing dates for break etc

  • Online platform will have its own due dates for assignments. You are welcome to still follow our school calendar.

My 5th grader has to select an elective - and selected BAND, how is he going to learn an instrument now - will he be required to go to school for concerts? 

  • We are working on a music plan with guidance from Lorain County Public Health.  

I  thought of another question, my boys are in enrichment programs for math and reading too. Now how will they do them if they are online only?

  • Unfortunately, for elementary students there will not be enrichment for online only learners.  Hybrid students will receive enrichment. 

For students attending m/w will in class room time be made up for holidays observed on Mondays?

  • For the first semester, Monday students only miss two in person days and they will not be made up. The teachers may assign work in Google Classroom. 

With all students starting at the same time, without having to take an extra route in the morning, can a high schooler ride the bus if they have a younger sibling? 

  • No, due to bus capacity with social distancing protocols in place.

Why 2 and not 3 days of school?

  • The Reset and Restart Plan was determined by many people in the district as the safest way to return to school.

Also why 30.00 for parking pass and not 10.00 for 2 days of school?

  • Please contact Mr. Lynch at the high school.

Can you share the recommended technical specs for a chrome book comparable to what the school uses? With multiple children and two working parents, only one chrome book from the school will likely make things more challenging and we may need to look into getting our own.

  • HP Chromebook 11A G8 - Education Edition - 11.6" - A4 9120C - 4 GB RAM - 32 is the most recent chromebooks purchased. The specs are below:
  • A4 9120C/1.6 GHz 
  • Chrome OS 64
  • 4 GB RAM

  • 32 GB eMMC eMMC 5.0

  • 11.6" 1366 x 768 (HD)

  • Radeon R4

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

Why, if your teachers are using Google Meet, would students who choose to stay at home not have access to learn from their teachers? It is simple and inexpensive to point a camera at the teacher and chalkboard/whiteboard sending a live stream utilizing Google Meet. It makes no sense to penalize families and children who don’t want to take the risk of being exposed to the virus. Parents are by no means experts at the many subjects our kids are required to learn which is why they have different teachers for each subject - math, science, civics, etc...so not allowing the students who choose to stay at home access to their teachers is disturbing. This plan doesn’t provide equality and inclusion like we would expect and are disappointed this is the best you could come up with.

  • Unfortunately, a teacher can not be teaching in person students and monitor a computer to answer questions to ensure the child at home is understanding and learning what is needed.  Teachers will be monitoring the students in their classroom.

What would my 8th grader do with her high school credit courses Algebra 1, Spanish 1 and Art 1? 

  • At this time, Algebra 1 will still be offered.  Spanish 1 and Art 1 are high school only classes this year.

Would she be dropped off at high school for Spanish and transported to middle school if we chose hybrid?

  • This class will not be offered at CHS this year for CMS students.  

If we chose online will she still be offered these courses? I read if we chose online it goes until Jan.21st and selections may be limited.

  • Guidance counselors will schedule online students with the same offerings that are available for hybrid students.

If a child were to test positive at school and that student rides a bus would every child on the bus have to be quarantined for 14 days? 

  • This will be determined by Lorain County Public Health.

Will the middle school students stay in one classroom all day and the teacher move from class I class or will kids switch classes?

  • Yes, teachers will be moving from class to class.  We are encouraging teachers to take students outside as much as possible.  Students will move to the cafeteria for lunch.

Are the same teachers that teach on M/W teaching T/H? It sounds like all of the teachers will be in the school M-F.

  • Teachers will be working their regular hours Monday through Friday even though its a hybrid schedule, teachers are responsible for both cohorts.

Are the students being grouped simply by alphabet or by academic ability?

  • Alphabetically

Will orientation appts. be coordinated for families that have children in the same building?

  • Yes.

What specifically is being done/used to clean nightly?

  • The entire building will be cleaned during the day and at night.

If a student has/shows symptoms in or out of school after being present among others, who is being isolated for the 14 days?

  • Lorain County Health Department conducts contact tracing and will advise as to whom has to be quarantined.  This is not a district decision.

If a student/teacher/staff tests positive, what is being required of the others who have been among him/her?

  • Lorain County Health Department conducts contact tracing and will advise as to whom has to be quarantined.  This is not a district decision.

How are breakfasts/lunches being disbursed/prepared? Is all food pre packaged/sealed?

  • Students will be given their bagged lunch as they enter the cafeteria.  It will be prepared each day by the Nutritional Staff.

(Where) are we able to purchase the masks that were floating around twitter a bit ago with the Columbia logos?

  • Mr. Bansek sent the information to the Boosters.  We are not sure where they are in the process. 

Are windows being kept open in all rooms all of the time?

Thank you for all of your time, thought, and consideration in bringing our children back to school.

  • Thank you!  We are asking that all doors to the classroom be open throughout the day.  If there is air conditioning, we do not have to open the windows.  However, we are encouraging the staff that has windows to open for air flow.  

My daughter is registered to take Online classes at LCCC. She typically has more study halls in her daily schedule because of this. Is there an idea of what an In-school day would look like for these students if we chose the hybrid option?

  • We are working to avoid study halls.  Stay tuned for information from the high school once the survey is completed.

Is there a cost for student to do the Apex online learning?

  • No, the district absorbs this cost.

Do we still buy the school supplies off of the list we got with our child's report cards?!

  • Please see our website for class lists for all hybrid students.

So if my child has the sniffles with a headache from being congested and all the other symptoms that go with the common cold, I have to keep them home and/or get them tested for COVID-19 (or other illness)?

  • Yes, we are encouraging sick children to stay home.  See the above answer regarding students with allergies.

Will CCP students still be allowed to leave school during periods they do not have a class?

  • We will use the same plan of allowing students to leave as in the past.

In reference to online only- my child took a higher level math last year and intended to continue with the next level this year. If we chose the online option, would she still be taking this higher level math or re-doing the standard class? Also, if she is taking the higher level, will there be any instructor or "success manager" that she can utilize for questions that are not specifically "technical issues?"

  • All online learning will be done through the online learning platform.  Staff members will not be available for questions and answers as they will be teaching hybrid students. 

Is there any possibility to only commit for only one quarter to the method of education? I very much would like to send my kids back after one quarter. I am going to choose online remote learning at first because I am fearful of the virus exploding in the schools. But I am also concerned for my children's mental well being, as I feel they need to socialize with their peers. That being said, I would like to send them back after the 1st quarter assuming everything goes well. My daughter has a heart rhythm issue, and I've heard people who have recovered from this virus are showing signs of cardiac issues. That's my biggest concern, if she were to get the virus, how will it affect her current cardiac issues. Another issue is my elderly mom has a compromised immune system and is on a mild form of chemo. She will not be able to see my kids if they go to school. I will be keeping them home but with reluctance because I want them to see and socialize with all of you wonderful people and friends, as well as they need a qualified teacher to educate them. I just need to play it safe, and observe what happens. That's why I was wondering if they can come back after 1 quarter. I appreciate everything you all have done for us. I'm sure it wasn't easy to accomplish this plan. 

  • This is an extenuating circumstance and we can evaluate this after the first nine week period.

Due to this decision being for the entire semester, will my child have the option to switch to hybrid next semester if it's still available? If yes, will my child be behind and need to complete additional work to catch up with what's being done in the hybrid model?

  • Yes, you are able to switch to hybrid for the second semester.  If a child completes the online work, it is our hope they will be prepared for the second semester. 

One answered FAQ stated that Calvert was for K-5 and Apex was 6-12. The letter seemed to be worded that only high school students would be using Apex. Will my 8th grader technically use the Apex system then? 

  • Apex is used for 6-12. 

Will there be school fees if we choose online only?

  • We will be evaluating our school fee schedule. As we normally do, fees will not be assessed until mid September. 

Overall, will my child still receive a good quality education with the online model? My concern is that the online model is bare minimum course work and my child will suffer for this in the coming years.

  • We are proud of our CLSD teachers and know that students learn best when in person.  However due to COVID, we wanted to offer an option where kids can learn from home if they are not comfortable returning to school and these platforms allow for this type of learning.

If hybrid students are forced to go all online (due to county level change), will they move to the Calvert/Apex online model or will it be similar to last spring where all Columbia teachers will move to online classes with them?

  • No, Columbia teachers will teach hybrid students if we are remote.  It will not look like last Spring as we will have set times students and teachers will meet on Google meet that will most likely follow the student’s schedule.

My kids have different last names, would they attend school on the same day or different days?

  • We will do our best to keep families together.

Can you tell me what type of masks are required for the days in school? My kids have claustrophobic tendencies.

  • Any mask that covers both the mouth and the nose is fine.  

Will Spanish be available via Apex? How about Honors classes? Thanks for the work you put into this plan, I know it was difficult.

  • Yes,  Spanish I, II and III are available on Apex.  High School honors classes are available as well. 

For strictly online classes, do they have set time every day to be online or can they adjust the time they sign on? If they do the hybrid do they also have certain times to sign in on the computer each day?

  • As stated above, students do not have time to sign on each day, students are able to work at their own pace.  However, we would like them to sign on daily to complete assignments.  Hybrid students will only have to sign on at a certain time on Fridays.  If a students is unable to do that, Google Meet sessions will be recorded and posted in Google Classroom.

Will the 9th graders attending in school sessions ,be learning the exact same courses ,as the online school option?

Online classes will match the courses offered at the high school. 

How will the plan affect CCP students with regard to LCCC courses taken at the Columbia High School? Will they be online and follow LCCC schedule (example Economics, Intro to Business and Calculus)

  • Classes taken at CHS will meet on the assigned school days.  Instructors will assign work for the alternate days.  At this time all LCCC classes are still scheduled to be offered.

Will CCP students and athletes be able to leave the building early if they have study halls? Are early release and late arrival still options for students?

  • Stay tuned to guidance from the High School  We are still working out these logistics.

 If students decide to go to Columbia High School using the hybrid method, will they still have honor classes (AP Biology, Spanish 4)?

  • If a teacher is unable to teach the course for medical reasons and a replacement can not be found, the course will not be offered.  CLSD will do their best to fill the position with a substitute teacher.  At this time, AP Biology is still scheduled to  be offered.  We are looking for a Spanish sub to offer Spanish 4. 

 If my child is registered for the LCCC Economics class taught by Mr. Sheriden and the Intro to Business Class taught by Mrs. Krug, will it still be offered? My daughter would like to get the college credit for Economics and Intro to Business. If there are not enough students enrolled in the classes should she look to enroll in a full time online class taught by a college professor centered at LCCC?

  • Please speak to Ms. Neff at CHS about specific class questions.  As a district, we are doing our best to provide the same classes at the high school we previously offered.  However, If a teacher is unable to teach the course for medical reasons and a replacement can not be found, the course will not be offered.  CLSD will do their best to fill the position with a substitute teacher.

I noticed in the plan there will be a limited number of classroom changes, how will this work in the high school if the students have different schedules and levels of learning in the building? Will honors classes still be respected, or will there be mixed learning with both honors and regular education classes within the same classroom? Will all classes be offered based on what the students registered for before leaving this past school year?

  • The high school has developed a plan for one way hallways and students will be changing classes each period with safety precautions. This will allow for a variety of classes to be offered.  Again, as a district, we are doing our best to provide the same classes at the high school we previously offered.  However, If a teacher is unable to teach the course for medical reasons and a replacement can not be found, the course will not be offered.  CLSD will do their best to fill the position with a substitute teacher.

If athletics move forward, will parents be allowed to attend sporting events using proper social distancing and face masks?

  • We are awaiting guidance from LCPH and OSHAA.  Mr. Jump or your child’s coach will give further guidance once it is known.

We both have to work full-time which we will have to put our child in daycare on the off days. I do not feel comfortable with her taking a laptop to daycare to do her classwork. She won't be able to complete her work until we get home from work. Is that ok or does she have to be at her computer during school hours? Daycare providers are not teachers and will have a bunch of school age kids.

  • Students will only be encouraged to meet online at a certain time on Fridays.  If your child can’t make the scheduled time, Google Meet sessions will be recorded to be viewed later.

My kid has an IEP for math. Can those assignments be done on the 2 days in school vs remote? 

  • All IEP minutes will be met.  We will also offer additional time for SPED students throughout each week.


 I see no choir. Does that mean no band either is required?

  • At this time, choir and band are not classes.  Marching Band is after school, outside and social-distanced and therefore is allowed to continue at this time.  LCHD has recommended that no signing take place at this time or in the future. 

Sports pics have been moved to Aug 20. Youth cancelled sports, why isn't the high school?

  • We are following OHSAA, LCPH and Governor guidelines regarding sports.  The status of sports is a day to day decision.

How can you tell us that our children who are doing online learning cannot join in on full remote learning if the district is forced to go that route where entire school district is online?

  • Once your child(ren) begins the online only learning module, they are required to complete it for the first semester.  Grades cannot be figured using both options.  This is why we are asking parents to commit to a semester of learning.

 If county level were lowered to level one and full 5 days in-school learning were to happen will the online students be able to return to school?

  • Online students are committing to a semester of online learning.  Once your child(ren) begins the online only learning module, they are required to complete it for the first semester.  Grades cannot be figured using both options.  This is why we are asking parents to commit to a semester of learning. 

If the student is participating in the online learning option, will they have access to all the features of Apex, including tutorials and the Tutor chat? Also, how was this particular online platform the one picked to be utilized? Any information would be very helpful. Thank you!

  • Yes, the full platform will be used if you utilize online learning.  This platform was chosen as it offered a variety of classes including AP and honors classes.   

If we choose Apex for classes, could one or both children stay with a grandparent not in Ohio. Since both parents have to work and one parent has to travel for work.

  • Yes, students will be asked to login daily but will be able to work at their own pace.

For kids doing sports right now, who have already been in a group. Is it possible to keep them in a class together.

  • It is not.  Classes will be divided alphabetically.

In regards to a student's GPA. If the student is enrolled in the online school through Apex and taking AP and/or Honors classes, are the classes weighted?

  • Yes.

How does the district feel that the hybrid model and the online model are equal? How am I to teach my 8th grader math lessons? And to NOT have any support from teachers this seems to be setting the kids up for failure. If my children do not understand something then too bad? So for parents who are not comfortable sending their kids back to school the choice is not a great one.

  • Unfortunately, the online curriculum is designed to teach independently while the hybrid is in person.  In-person is the best possible scenario.  It is a difficult decision, but it was important that we offered choices to our parents and students. 

What would my 8th grader do with her high school credit courses Algebra 1, Spanish 1 and Art 1? Would she be dropped off at high school for Spanish and transported to middle school if we chose hybrid ? 

  • Spanish 1 and Art 1 will not be offered to CMS  to hybrid or online students this year.

I read if we chose online it goes until Jan. 21st and selections may be limited. Will we know these limitations before so we can make an educated decision on what works best for our children?

  • Most, if not all of our current courses are available.  All online students will continue with the same schedule if they return to school in January.

 If a child were to test positive at school And that student rides a bus would every child on the bus have to be quarantined for 14 days?

  • Ultimately, LCPH will make these decisions.  However, if a child has a mask on and social distancing protocols are being observed, an entire bus should not have to quarantine.

 Will the middle school students stay in one classroom

All day and teacher move from class I class or will kids switch classes?

  • Teachers in middle school are moving from class to class.

Since we have to call our children out everytime they have the sniffles, are all absences for illness excused (since they can do the work online via classroom)? I don't want a letter because my kids went over their hour allotment because of a common cold.

How/will gifted learning take place via 100% virtual learning?

  • Honors/AP classes are offered at the high school level.  Unfortunately, they will not be offered K-8.

These questions are for the hybrid schooling choice: 1.) Are the students going to have mask breaks while they are in class

  • Yes.  We will also be encouraging our teachers to take them outside as much as possible. 


 Is it possible for them to wear a protective face shield instead of a mask? 

  • No,  based on the orders from the governor, the face covering must cover the nose and mouth.

What are the class sizes projected to be?? around 8-10 students for each group??

  • Class sizes range from 8-14.

If we choose to have our children complete the online schooling - is it possible to remove them from the online schooling and switch to the hybrid schooling? Or do they have to continue to the online schooling until it is completed for the first semester until January 16?

  • We are asking students to make a semester commitment in order for us to divide our students and set up our classrooms to ensure social distancing.

What do we do with the chromebook given to us last school year?

  • Stay tuned for chromebook information once the parent survey is completed.

If we need a chromebook for doing hybrid (the online portion at home) will the school provide one for each child in a family? We will have 3 children in school this year, and we only have one given to us from the school last year.

  • Families will be provided with one chromebook.  In the online only model, students can learn at their own pace and do not have to be online at the same time.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough chromebooks for all students.  A previous question was asked about purchasing a chromebook above, if you are interested.

If we choose to do the online option only, then before school starts the district chooses to go remote learning only - will we have the option to complete the schools online program instead of the Calvert program??

  • If we convert to all remote learning prior to the start of the school year, all students will be a part of the model where CLSD teachers will be teaching.

Can we use a MacBook for online learning?

  • Yes you may.

After looking over the Calvert curriculum, it was unclear who was grading the projects and assignments that were to be turned in. Will this be the support managers at CLSD or a Calvert support member?

  • Calvert will grading assignments and assessments

How are the title 1 classes going to be incorporated into the 2 day school week? IIf we go remote, will the teachers be giving daily instructions on school work?

  • Title1 will take place during intervention time.  All hybrid students will have access daily to their teacher if we go full remote learning.

Will the children that go M/W be sharing a desk with a child that goes T/Th? Or will each child still have his/her own desk? Wondering for sanitation purposes as well as for keeping things at their desk vs. having to bring them to and from every day (i.e. hand sanitizer)

  • Most are not sharing desks.  However, all desks will be sanitized nightly and after each class if a student is rotating classrooms.  Students are not allowed to leave any materials in their desks.  They must take home each night.

Why no lockers? Is it safer to bring a book bag/coat/lunch bag into the classroom vs. leaving it in a locker until it's needed? Will all of the above be kept at the child's desk with them?

  • We cannot social distance at the lockers.  At CMS, we have students sharing these spaces.  LCHD recommended no use of lockers.  All items will be kept at the students desk. 

Not critical, but was curious how concert band will be managed during abbreviated schedule. Assume the students will not be able to practice as a full band? And are all fall concerts cancelled? Just curious.

  • There will be no concert band, nor concerts.  Unfortunately.

Is there a cost for student to do the Apex online learning?

  • Not to the student, nor family.

Do we have to pay for Calvert online program? Are parents doing all the grading for the system since there's no teacher? I would like more information on the online option before I make my decision!!

  • Families do not pay for the online program.  Calvert will grade all materials.  Please see questions answered previously and the website above.

My son starts kindergarten, if we choose the in school 2 days a week- will the district still provide the chrome book for Friday google meet and homework assignment. How do I request the chrome book?

  • We will provide a chromebook if you do not have a laptop or desktop.  Please indicate this on the parent survey.

Hey for the fully online plan, do you work at your own time or are you assigned to do it at an exact time?

  • Students will work at his or her own pace.  No assigned times for online only. We do ask students to log on daily to complete assignments.