Why would I need to see the counselor?

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Why would I need to see the counselor?

Why See the School Counselor?

Students see the school counselor for many different reasons. Here are a few of those:

  • “An older kid is picking on me on the bus and I don’t know what to do.”
  • “My best friend won’t talk to me and I’m not sure what I did wrong. “
  • “I made a really nice project in art and I’m proud of myself! I wanted you to see it.”
  • “I’m new at this school and I don’t know anyone and I’m kind of scared.”
  • “I feel like I don’t have any friends.”

Here are some reasons that parents may want to talk to the school counselor:

  • “We have a new baby at home and my child seems upset.”
  • “My wife and I have been divorced for a year, but it seems as though my daughter is still struggling.”
  • “My son is very shy and has trouble making friends.”
  • “There was a death in the family and my child seems very sad.”
  • “My child is struggling with homework. Is there anything I should do to help?”

Here are some reasons teachers might want to talk to the school counselor:

  • “I need some ideas to help my students learn when it’s okay to tattle.”
  • “A few of my students are having difficulty sitting still in the classroom.”
  • “One of my students is absent a lot.”
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