Websites for Early Childhood

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Websites for Early Childhood

These are websites that will help your child start to engage with the mouse and play educational games to reinforce skills that have been taught. When your child plays on the computer, it is encouraged that the parent(s) are with them while playing these games. This helps to promote a positive experience with your child and helps them navigate using the mouse.  Please limit to 10-15 minutes of screen time on the computer. 
Using the Mouse Introduction Websites: Visuals on how to use the mouse. Same website as above, but this helps the students to work on right, left clicking, dragging and dropping images. Students will click on bubble to help them move around the mouse and to pop the bubbles by clicking on the left hand button. Students will move the pictures with the mouse to help sort their colors. This will help with clicking and dragging using the mouse. Students will move the castle pieces around to create their own castle. This will help with clicking and dragging using the mouse. 

Early Learning Websites: This website you will click on the PreK component and there is games that support letters, numbers, holidays, strategies and skills. This website has your children’s favorite characters and games to go along with the characters. This website you do have to pay for, but have great games that promote reading, letter identification, math, and more. This website offers games that support color recognition, shape recognition, numbers, letters and animals. This website has many games that support alphabet knowledge, reading, math, calendar, phonics, and holidays
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