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Columbia Raiders Baseball

2023 Varsity  and JV Team

Varsity Baseball Schedule

 2024 Season
Schedule as of  2-7-2024
Please refer to event calendar to the right for the most current schedule of games and our announcement page for cancellations and postponements due to spring weather. 
 DayDate Opponent Place Time 
SaturdayMarch 23 Garret MorganColumbia Park5:00 pm 
TuesdayMarch 26Brooklyn postponedBrooklyn 5:00pm 
ThursdayMarch 28Open DoorOpen Door 5:00 pm 
FridayMarch 27Cleveland Central Catholic Cleveland Central Catholic 5:00 pm  
MondayApril 1 Oberlin Oberlin 5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 2ClearviewColumbia Park5:00 pm 
ThursdayApril 4 Black RiverBlack River 5:00 pm 
FridayApril 5 Garfield Hts.  Garfield Hts.  4:30 pm  
TuesdayApril 9BrooksideBrookside5:00 pm  
WednesdayApril 10Wellington Columbia Park5:00pm 
ThursadyApril 11FirelandsFirelands5:00 pm 
FridayApril 12FairviewFairview5:00 pm 
MondayApril 15KeystoneColumbia Park5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 16OberlinColumbia Park 5:00 pm 
ThursdayApril 18ClearviewClearview 5:00 pm 
SaturdayApril 20DaltonDalton11:00 am 
MondayApril 22Black RiverColumbia Park5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 23WellingtonWellington5:00 pm
Thursday April 25BrooksideColumbia Park5:00 pm 
Monday April 29FirelandsColumbia Park5:00 pm 
Tuesday April 30KeystoneKeystone5:00 pm 
WednesdayMay 1 Elyria Catholic Elyria Catholic5:00 pm 
WednesdayMay 8BedfordColumbia Park5:00 pm 
SaturdayMay 11Rocky RiverRocky River11:00 am 

JV Baseball Schedule

2024 Season

as of  3/20/2024

 DayDate Opponent Place Time 
TuesdayMarch 26Brooklyn postponedColumbia Park5:00 pm
MondayApril 1 WellingtonColumbia Park5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 2ClearviewClearview5:00 pm 
ThursdayApril 4 Black RiverColumbia Park5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 9BrooksideColumbia Park5:00 pm  
WednesdayApril 10 Wellington Wellington 5:00 pm, 
ThursadyApril 11FirelandsColumbia Park5:00 pm 
SaturdayApril 13LorainLorain5:00 pm 
MondayApril 15KeystoneKeystone5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 16WellingtonOberlin5:00 pm 
ThursdayApril 18ClearviewColumbia Park5:00 pm 
SaturdayApril 20DaltonColumbia Park11:00 am 
MondayApril 22Black RiverBlack River5:00 pm 
TuesdayApril 23WellingtonColumbia Park5:00 pm
Thursday April 25BrooksideBrookside5:00 pm 
SaturdayApril 27 Amherst Steele Amherst Steele 11:00 am 
Monday April 29FirelandsFirelands5:00 pm 
Tuesday April 30KeystoneColumbia Park5:00 pm 
WednesdayMay 1 Elyria Catholic Columbia Park5:00 pm 
SaturdayMay 11Rocky RiverColumbia Park11:00 am 

Head Coach

Dan Durante
 Head Coach



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