Miss. Gates

Miss. Gates


Your child has been assigned an account on mobymax.com/oh647 . They should know there username and password. I have also sent a letter with this information home for parents. This is a program designed to help students with prior learning they may have not understood and with enrichment of things they may get in the future. This is done with a placement test to assess what the studentalready know or still needs. The program then assigns lessons to fill in what is still needed.
If you would like to see how your child is doing through the program you can use their login information on the parent sign in page. I do not  assign this as a ongoing homework. However, studnets are welcome to use this site at home.  This site also has a fact fluency section to help students work on their facts.

Homework for the week of September 24

Period 3 and 7
Monday -  Finish multiplication of fraction models worksheet.
Tuesday - page 23 evens only show work
Wednesday -  page 24 #46 only - Show work for each to prove your answer
Thursday - No homework 
Friday - No School 
Period 4 with Mrs. Meyers
Monday -  pg 24 evens show work
Tuesday - pg 29 # 9
Wednesday -  pg 35 odds show work
Thursday - No homework 
Friday - No School 
Period 3 and 7
Monday - pg 36
Tuesday pg 41- 42 # 26 - 32
Wednesday - pg 48
Thursday - pg 53
Friday  - none Test on Tuesday 
Period 4  
Monday - pg 42 (#30, 31 & 34) and pg 48 evens only
Tuesday pg pg 53-54 
Wednesday - pg 56-58 circled problems
Thursday - PS on pg 56 Study for Test 
Friday  - None

Homework October 8

For the Week of October 8
Period 3 & 7
Monday - Finish circled problems on pgs 56-58 (We worked 35 min in class)
Tuesday - PS on pg 56 and Study for Wednesday's Test
Wednesday - No Homework
Thursday - No Homework
Period 4
Monday - No homewrk
Tuesday - pg 69
Wednesday - pg 76
Thursday - No Homework
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