Marie Barnard

Marie Barnard
Intervention Specialist
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Columbia High School - Columbia High School Staff

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I am currently starting my fourth year at Columbia High School as an Intervention Specialist; however, I am not new to the district. I am on year 29 for Columbia, having experience with students from grades k-12. Most of my time has been devoted to being an intervention specialist, and I have dedicated myself in being an advocate for students as a resource or a person who students (and parents) can turn to for instruction at their individual levels and for individual needs. I believe it's important to share with them my life experiences and  hands on and other activities beyond paper-pencil, standard lessons. Work  in class does include these needed tasks, but it's a goal of mine to incorporate guest speakers, demonstrations, and  activities that go beyond the standard classroom tasks of taking notes, taking assessments, and repeating these to attain knowledge. Field trips are important, having opportunities outside of the building; outside of the school building builds character and strengthens curiosity and knowledge of content. I reside in Columbia, so I am witness to the changes in landscape and number of citizens and students. One thing that has remained stable is the atmosphere Columbia brings to those who come here and that is one of concern for the student as an individual in growth and development and search for goal accomplishments. My husband graduated from here (1985) as well as both of our children (2013 and 2016).  

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