25796 Royalton Road, Columbia Station, OH. 44028 | phone - 440-236-5008 | fax - 440-236-8817
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Staff Directory
Last Name First Name Title Email Website Phone View
Aniol Elizabeth Administrative Assistant aniole@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5008 Details
Atkinson Carrie Director of Curriculum & Technology atkinsonc@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5008 Details
Bansek Graig Superintendent bansekg@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5008 Details
Brassell Wayne President - Board of Education brassellw@columbia.k12.oh.us Details
Cantrell Alan Transportation Supervisor cantrella@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-8222 Details
Champagne Megan Member - Board of Education champagnem@columbia.k12.oh.us Details
Cieslak Patricia Secretary to the Superintendent cieslakp@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5008 Details
Coleman Stephen Member - Board of Education colemans@columbia.k12.oh.us Details
Eddy Pat Treasurer eddyp@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5008 Details
Gault Bernard Maintenance Supervisor gaultb@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-8831 Details
Nemeth Blanche Vice President - Board of Education nemethb@columbia.k12.oh.us Details
Olah Tammy Assistant to the Treasurer/Payroll olaht@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5008 Details
Ondrejko Mr. Shawn Member - Board of Education ondrejkos@columbia.k12.oh.us Details
Roncone Lynley School Psychologist ronconel@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-1216 Details
Skoczen Judy Director of Special Education skoczenj@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-5021 Details
Wenzel Liz EMIS Coordinator/District Registrar wenzell@columbia.k12.oh.us (440) 236-1236 Details
Our Mission
“To provide the students of our community with the opportunity for a balanced education from a staff dedicated to each student’s success.”
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