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Natural Resources on the Earth

Energy Sources on BrainPOP Jr.

Energy Sources on BrainPOP

Fossil Fuels on BrainPOP

Fossil Fuels on Study Jams

Renewable Fuels on Study Jams

The Natural Resources that Create Renewable or Nonrenewable Energy


What is Petroleum (Crude Oil)? 


Advantages and Disadvantages (click on oil)


Gas and Oil (video)

Fossil Fuels (video)  



What is Coal?

How Coal Was Formed and How We Get Coal


Advantages and Disadvantages (click on coal)

Science Kids: Coal Facts

Kids Korner: Electricity from Coal

Fossil Fuels (video) 

Natural Gas

What is Natural Gas?

Where Natural Gas Comes From and How We Get It


Advantages and Disadvantages (click on natural gas)

Fun Facts about Natural Gas

Kids Korner: All About Natural Gas

Fossil Fuels (video)  

Water  (hydropower or hydroelectricity)

Water Wheels 

Water Power

How Hydropower Energy Works #2 (diagram)


Advantages and Disadvantages (click on hydroelectric)

Water and Underground Heat (chart of advantages and disadvantages)

Wind  (wind energy)

Wind Power 

What is Wind Power?

How Wind Energy Works (diagram)


Advantages and Disadvantages (click on wind)

Sun and Wind (chart of advantages and disadvantages)

Wind Energy Facts

Wind Energy

Wind Energy (video) 

Sun (solar energy or solar power)

Solar Power 

Solar Power

How Solar Energy Works (diagram)


Science Kids: Solar Energy Facts

Advantages and Disadvantages (click on solar)

Sun and Wind (chart of advantages and disadvantages)

Solar Energy Facts

Solar Energy (video) 


Underground Heat  (geothermal energy)

Geothermal Energy


Advantages and Disadvantages (click on geothermal)

Water and Underground Heat (chart of advantages and disadvantages)
Leftover Crops, Dead Plants, + Animal Waste  
(biomass energy)
Advantages and Disadvantages (click on biomass) 
Uranium  (nuclear energy)
Advantages and Disadvantages (click on nuclear) 
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