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24 Game

Parents can learn more about the game at 24 game link.

Math Live, a fantastic site for upper elementary students, is full of cartoon math tutorials on subjects like fractions, multiplication, area and perimeter, tessellations, probability, and a variety of other topics. The glossary section is an amazing collection of math concepts animated for more solid understanding. 

Rounding ~ 3-NBT.1
Telling Time ~ 3-MD.1

Learning to Tell Time ~ Practice Time on this site

Time to Cook ~ Episode from Cyber Chase a PBS show

Stop the Clock ~ Match the times

 Perimeter and Area ~ 3-MD.5-8

Perimeter on BrainPOP Jr.

Area on BrainPOP Jr. 
Area of Polygons on BrainPOP 
Perimeter ~ find the perimeter of shapes

Perimeter Geoboard ~ use the rubber bands to make shapes and find the perimeter

Shape Surveyor ~ find the perimeter of shapes on a dig  

Perimenter and Area ~ practice finding perimeter and area of shapes

Finding the Area and Perimeter and Area of Rectangles~ use this site to sharpen your skills

Party Designer ~  practice area and perimeter while designing a party room
Square Off ~ area and perimeter game on BrainPOP 
Area and Perimeter at KhanAcademy - Lessons online through videos and activities
Bar Graphs and Picture Graphs ~ 3-MD.3

Lesson Bar Graphs - Study Zone Follow directions to practice making bar graphs

Lesson Picture Graphs - Study Zone follow directions to practice making picture graphs

Bar Graph Practice

Geometry - Identifying Shapes ~ 3-G.1

Quadrilaterals - Math is fun site

Quadrilateral Quiz - Can you identify shapes based on their properties?

Prism, Pyramids, Cones, and Cylinders - See if you can correctly identify them?

Polygon Sort - See if you can sort the polygons

Earth Field Trip - Identify 3D shapes across the globe

2D or 3D Shapes

Identify 3D shapes

Sorting Shapes - Sort shapes based on characteristics

Interactive 3D shapes lesson

Fractions ~ 3. NF.1

BrainPOP Jr. "Parts of a Whole" - watch the video and take the online quizzes 

BrainPOP Jr "More Fractions" - watch the video and take the online quizzes
BrainPOP "Fractions" - watch the video and take the online quiz
BrainPOP Jr "Equivalent Fractions" - watch the video and take the online quizzes
BrainPOP Jr "Mixed Numbers" - watch the video and take the online quizzes
BrainPOP "Reducing Fractions" - watch the video and take the online quiz
BrainPOP "Adding and Subtracting Fractions" - watch the video and take the online quiz
Battleship Numberline -  click on fractions to practice fractions on a numberline
Dig It Up - create and locate fractions on a numberline to guide your shovel. Earn points by digging and collecting jewels.
Treefrog Treasure - learn numberline concepts while jumping, bouncing, sliding, and sticking to walls as a frog!
Drag and Drop -  Which fraction of each shape is blue? Drag pictures into the right spot. 
Flower Power - grow and harvest flowers to make money in this order 'em up fractions game. Remember to wait for the bee!
Bamzooki - Identify fractions and make fractions quickly

Name that Fraction - Name the numerator and denominator

Jelly Golf - Swing the club by reading the fraction

Cross the River - read the fraction

Fraction Fling - Fling rocks to identify the fraction

Bowling for Fractions - Bowl and identify the fraction

Dirt Bike Tug Team - Compare the fractions 
Speedway - Adding fractions 
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