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Life Cycles of Animals  (gives life cycles for specific animals)
Kidszone: Animal Life Cycles  (simple information on life cycles for animal groups
Animal Life Cycles (bear, butterfly, chicken, crocodile, duck, earthworm, elephant, horse, mouse, painted turtle, praying mantis, shark, snail, whale)

A Butterfly's Life Cycle


Plant Life Cycle

The Plant Life Cycle!

Videos and Slide Shows

*Note: For Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr, the username is copopa and the password is copopa


Animal Life Cycles on Study Jams 

Animal Life Cycles on Annenberg Learner

Cool Cute Chicks: Emperor Penguins"on YouTube (to show the life cycle from birth to adulthood)


Plant Life Cycle on BrainPOP Jr.

Plant Life Cycles on Annenberg Learner


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