MTHM 171  COLLEGE ALGEBRA  (Section C 300)

Lorain County Community College, Fall 2015


Instructor:  Mrs. Renee Mahoney

E-mail: or



Course Description: Study of algebraic functions, equations, systems of equations, inequalities, matrices, partial fractions, exponential and logarithmic functions. Designed primarily for the calculus-bound student. Not to be taken if credit for MTHM 175 has been earned. Graphing calculator required. Mathematics Core Course.  Prerequisite: Course placement policy: Grade of C or higher in MTHM 081 or satisfactory placement assessment in mathematics.


Course Outcomes:

1. Represent polynomial, rational, root, exponential, logarithmic, and piece-wise defined functions verbally, numerically, graphically, and algebraically.

2. View a function as a set of ordered pairs or a correspondence between two sets.

3. Find the domain and range of functions.

4. Perform operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, composition) with functions.

5. Perform translations and dilations of functions.

6. Use functions to model a variety of situations.

7. Solve equations, including application problems.

8. Solve systems of linear equations, including application problems.

9. Solve nonlinear inequalities.

10. Apply the factor theorem, the remainder theorem, and the rational roots theorem, including application problems.

11. Find inverses of functions and relate the graph of a function to the graph of its inverse.

12. Analyze the graph of a function to answer questions about the function (such as intercepts, domain, range, intervals where the function is increasing or decreasing, possible algebraic definitions, etc.)

13. Gain confidence in his/her critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


Text: College Algebra Version [π] = 3, Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager. Download the (corrected) electronic version from the website for free.


LCCC Grading: Grades will be based on a total of 950 points. There will be six (6) Exams worth 100 points each and a comprehensive Final Exam worth 200 points. No books, notes or formula sheets are allowed to be used during these exams, but graphing calculators are permitted. The remaining 100 points come from graded Homework in the WebAssign system. (The score that is recorded for your Homework grade is a scaled score based on your achievement in the WebAssign system. For example, if you earn 1203 out of 1500 points on the assignments within WebAssign, then I will record 80/100 for the Homework score because you earned 80.2%. Likewise, an overall performance of 42.6% within WebAssign will result in a recorded Homework grade of 43/100.) This final grade is weighted as: 60% from Exams, 15% from Homework and 25% from the Final Exam. Course grades will be based on the following scale:


A = 950 - 851 points, B = 850 - 756, C = 755 - 661, D = 660 - 566, F = 565 - 0.


You will receive ONE grade on your college transcript at the completion of the semester.

Columbia High School Quarter Grading:  For your high school grade only, each quarter will restart.  It is possible to earn a different high school grade than college grade!  The high school grade will be weighted as follows:  Quizzes and Exams are worth 85% of your nine week Quarter grade and 15% is from your Homework Score at that point on WebAssign.




WebAssign system for Homework: All graded homework will be assigned, entered and

assessed in the on-line WebAssign system. (There may be other ungraded out-of-class assignments which do not require the system.) Here are the steps needed to access WebAssign:


• Go to


• Click on “I have a class key”.


• Enter the class key lorainccc 8770 5067 (This ensures that you will be put into the correct section.)


• Click on “Yes, this is my class” if you see the correct class information.


• If you do not already have an WebAssign account, click on “I need to create a WebAssign account” then press “Continue”.


        Fill in your personal information and then click “Create My Account”.


        Bookmark the webpage so that in the future, you can login to the system directly.


You will need to log into the system each day to check for new assignments. It is your job, not mine, to complete the graded homework on time.


***When you run into trouble completing your Homework in the WebAssign system, and you will run into trouble eventually, you MUST contact me BEFORE the assignment is due. 




Attendance:  I expect you to be here for each class meeting.  It is extremely difficult to succeed in a mathematics course if you do not attend class.  However, if you do miss class, you are still responsible for the material/assignment for that day.  NO EXTENSIONS will be given on Homework due dates!  Exams and Quizzes will only be permitted to be made up the next available day with EXCUSED absences!


Calculators:  Students are expected to have an approved graphing calculator for Exams.  Calculators with computer algebra systems such as the TI-89 are NOT permitted, nor will any cell phone calculator be allowed for use on Exams. It is your responsibility to learn to use your calculator.  Please ask before an Exam if you have calculator use questions.  Neither calculator instruction manuals nor notes on how to use your calculators are permitted for use during exams.  I recommend the TI-84 + C graphing calculator.


Study Habits: The Ohio Board of Regents (the governing body for all Ohio colleges and universities) in its Operating Manual for Two-Year Campus Programs, makes the following statement:

Students will be expected to work at out-of-class assignments on a regular basis, which, over the length of the course, would normally average two hours of out-of-class study for each hour of formal class activity. This out-of-class study shall not be counted as part of the classroom hour for credit purposes.


Help: When (not if) you have trouble with the material, please talk to me! I will build in “Work Days” to our class schedule, which will be devoted only to you working on our course with me available the entire class period. Also, there is free Mathematics tutoring available through LCCC. There are tutoring options available on the LCCC campus in two locations as well as eTutoring. Be forewarned: The tutors are not going to do your work for you. There is no substitute for hard work in this course.   Here is the link for all of those options:




1.      Clearly no form of cheating will be tolerated. Cheating on an Exam will result in a score of 0 (zero) on that Exam and may result in a grade of F in the course and/or dismissal from the College in accordance with the Code of Conduct. (See for details.)


2.      Please turn off any electronic things that go beep. Those items have no place in a             college classroom. You will be asked to place your cell phone in a visible place in our classroom at the start of each class. It is too hard to learn while multi-tasking, so PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS! 


3.      The last day to withdraw from the course and receive a letter grade of W is Friday, November 20, 2015. After that, College policy stipulates that the instructor’s permission and the Division Dean’s consent are required to complete an Administrative Withdrawal. Such permission will be given only for rare extenuating circumstances.


4.      All other LCCC policies as stated in the LCCC Catalog are in effect in this classroom. (Clearly I cannot list them all here so see for details.)


5.      This syllabus is NOT a contract and is therefore subject to change with advance notice.

As a College Credit Plus Student: You may obtain a LCCC ID for free from the 2nd floor Library at the circulation desk.  You must print your schedule from MyCampus and take it with you to receive your ID. This ID will give you access to things such as the Library, fitness center, track, computer labs, etc.   You are able to access any service that a LCCC gets. 


You will have both a MyCampus account and a Canvas account through LCCC.  Both accounts are accessed through the homepage at the top right of the website page.  You will need to go to MyCampus first to set up your account.  MyCampus is where you can view your LCCC schedule and view your Final grade, among other things.  The Canvas system will use your same user ID and password as your MyCampus account, and will be used as a learning management tool, just like PowerSchool is used at Columbia High School.  I will put your scores in both Canvas (for your LCCC grade) and PowerSchool (for your Columbia High School grade) as they are earned.



Detailed Schedule: A detailed schedule will be provided weekly and/or monthly for Columbia High School students so you are aware of our class schedule.  It will include sections covered, quiz and exam dates, and Work Days. 




Sections to be covered for each Exam:


Exam 1:  Sections 1.1-1.6 and 7.2


Exam 2:  Sections 1.7, 2.1-2.4


Exam 3:  Sections 3.1-3.4


Exam 4:  Sections 4.1-4.3, 5.1-5.3


Exam 5:  Sections 6.1-6.5


Exam 6:  Sections 8.1-8.4, 8.6


Cumulative Final Exam:  Covers all sections listed above.




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