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Helpful Websites for Vocabulary Acquisition
Websites to Build Knowledge on Informational Topics
Kids Health (learn all about how the body works, how to stay safe and healthy, illnesses and injuries, recipes for cooking, and more)

Mr. Dig (learn a variety of facts about archeology, including information on dinosaurs, cavemen, and mummies)

NASA for Kids (learn about space)

The Wonders of the Seas! (learn about interesting underwater sea life)

National Geographic Kids (information on many different animals of the world)

Smart Mouth (all about health and nutrition, including some fun recipes to try)

Time for Kids (world, nation, sports, science, health, and entertainment news articles)

Science Monster: Astronomy (learn about the solar system, including planets and stars)

Science Monster: Earth Science (learn about the layers of earth and volcanoes and view a 2-D and 3-D interactive globe)

Science Monster: Technology (read about how the internet works, a giant robot moth, and how scientists are learning to read minds)

Science Monster: Physical Science (learn all about gravity and inertia)

Science Monster: Life Science (find out what monocots and dicots are)

Virtual Microscope (examine and read about different items as they would be seen from under a microscope)

Observatory (read about and look at photos of different elements of outerspace, such as the solar system, the different planets, stars, comets, asteroids, black holes, and more)

KB Farm (find out the different animals and plants that exist on a farm)

The Dino Reserve (information on over 40 different kinds of dinosaurs)

Ocean World (dive deep beneath the sea to read about some of the ocean animals)

World Map (lots of information about the different continents and countries within the seven continents)

Climate Map (read about the climates in different regions of the world)

Scientists at the Smithsonian (watch videos and read about different kinds of scientists)

Real Scientists (more scientists to watch videos and read about)

Science Kids (play games, complete activities, and read about a variety of science topics)

*Also, see Scholastic News link on third grade website for access to more current news articles and activities to go along with them

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