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                                           5th Grade Homework Hotline  - PARENTS READ PLEASE!           This is due on:  _____________________
READ:  TURN THIS PAPER IN WITH YOUR WORK ! Check off work as you complete it.  It may include workbooks.        Get make up work in the next day.     
February 15, 2018         Many students owe make up work.  Not turning it in will affect their grade. 
 We missed you:    Ronan E.
Please join our 5th grade Remind texting club:  It's easy it's free! Text 9a2kd to 1(440) 973-8570
Language Arts
Language Arts-February 15, 2018
 Kirkendall's Class:    Students listened to a read aloud today . They completed a noticing details activity. All students received a new spelling list. Look for it on page 75 in their agendas. Block 4 researched animals in Hoot . Blocks 7-8 had some independent reading time. 
Absent?  _____See above for your block's classwork
 HW-  Study spelling words- definition worksheet due Wednesday (dont wait til last minute!) Pretest Wednesday this week!
Barnard's ELA: Worked on research for Oympian project together with a partner. Read for chart.
H W:  workbook pages 3.2 due TOMORROW. Study sw. See agendas for list!
Play kahoot! 
 there,their, they're
also try there, their, they're activity
Pinterest Graphic
Kahoot for our,are, hour practice
Schibley HW:   Students are in the final stages of editing their Young Author stories (in Google Doc). Specific feedback and reference sheets have been provided within their Google doc and on Google classroom. Please review your story and make corrections as needed. We will soon be printing final copies to paste into our hard cover books. The final is due March 9. (Your stories are truly developing into wonderful works. I'm looking forward to the sharing of your published products!!)
 Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected and corrected! I can divide whole numbers with 2-digit divisors & 4 digit Dividends with decimals. 

 2/12  Mon: 

2/13  Tues:

2/14    Wed: 

2/15  Thurs:

2/16    Fri: 

Class:  Perplexing problems (blue folder) do problem on the back. ___

Blk 8 - 7-6 Dividing a decimal by a decimal 10.-15 (blue folder)  

Division Wheel 

Class:  We reviewed quiz & HW on White boards.  ___ We started looking at fractions as division 

 Class:  Spiral work- Cut, glue, do- see a friends- show Mrs. Filer____
 Turn in DCCR 4.3 ___   PS Quiz ___

  Class:  Improper/mixed fractions conversions __ WS & game.

Start Valentine Round up ____ 


 No School - Teachers Professional Development 

 HW:  finish if you did  not in class- Perplexing Problems or 7-6

 HW:  DccR 4.3 - Go for accuracy ___ 

 PS on Quiz - ____

HW:  none


HW: Moby Max- all students who are not done, finish Fact fluency & Place-ment test. will be doing at recess as no other time. 

HW: None - Go on MobyMax finish Placement test & Fact fluency! 

 Barnard's Math: 2/14/18  mutliplying decimals and whole numbers by tenths,hundredths, thousands .  Reviewed place value and worth of digits in whole numbers and decimals, hundred thousands to thousandths. Took notes in notebook on dividing by a power of 10 AND multiplying by a decimal (.1,.01,.001).
Homework:  See agenda for page and problems due.
 Feb. 15
 Today we did final prep for Science Fair. The students worked on a study guide on Adaptations and we went over it.   
Homework: none 
Social Studies
Today we watched videos on how locks work.  We read about climate of the Midwest Region.  
HW:    Finish reading packet and fill out Note page in detail!! No empty lines.
Midwest Region states quiz: 
 Kirkendall:   Students chose a monarchy country to research and began researching it. 
 Krause: Today we watched and discussed a video on the Inca city of Macchu Pichu.
Homework- none
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