Homework Hotline

Homework Hotline



                                         5th Grade Homework Hotline  - PARENTS READ PLEASE!           This is due on:  _____________________
                                                                                                                                                             PS _______________________________
READ:  TURN THIS PAPER IN WITH YOUR WORK !- You are in until work is completed. 
Check off work as you complete it.  It may include workbooks.        Get make up work in the next day.  
                                                   Not turning in absent work will affect your  grade. 
Date-Monday, November 19
 We missed you :All here! :)
5th grade Remind!  Please join.  Text @3eh3e4 to 440-973-8570.  Not all are signed up.  Thank you!  

Language Arts

Language Arts November 19, 2018

 In our first session, listened to the read aloud. We recorded new vocabulary and read pages 4-11 in Washed up!  In our second session, students read aloud, worked on figurative language and finished #2 on Themes in Fables worksheet.
Absent?   Complete what you missed. Check off when done. Remember to turn your absent work in. 
                 ______Read 4-11 in Washed UP!
                 ______Complete figurative lang activity
                 _____ Read and complete #2 on Themes in Fables worksheet.  



Mistakes are expected, respected, inspected and corrected

Monday 11-19

Tues  11-20 Wed. 11-21                         Thurs. 11-22                Fri. 11-23
 Classwork: Bellwork (1)
1. Word problem- tore it apart!
2.  Quiz review- questions?
3.  Board practice (3 & 4)
4.  WB page 157 Study guide for Topic 3 test next week!
HW:  Pick 10!
PS on test___   Fix it.  
 Classwork:  Bellwork
Ticket to computer.- Lab 26 - Fun prodigy day. Extra  help to some 
HW: Study facts if needed please! Moby max. 
 no school 
 Happy Thanksgiving !  I'm grateful for you. 
no school  
HW:  .


  Nov. 19   Today the students had their last DARE lesson.
Homework- PS on Sience Fair letter.

Social Studies

 Social Studies: Nov. 19  Today we finished the DARE lesson.
Homework- none
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