Games to Enrich & Enhance

Games to Enrich & Enhance

Science Interactives: A whole hoopla of science games and other interactive activities for grades 3-6 to get your brain thinking and bursting with knowledge and skill.


Changing Circuits:  See if you can figure out how to manipulate the circuit to complete the tasks given to you.


How We See Things:  Use a mirror to change the direction the light beam is going.

Scooter Experiment: Figure out how to fix the invention with the wrench to make the scooter move out of the garage without any human contact. Make sure to carefully read tips it gives you. It took Miss Broz five attempts to make the invention work correctly... See if you can beat her!


Forces of Flight: Find out what makes an airplane fly. Can you use that knowledge to make a plane that you create fly and land safely?


Flabby Physics: See if you can make the ball hit the star in each situation. Seems pretty simple... but it is not! You must think about speed, angles, height, and more to get the ball to move in the correct direction.


Forces in Action:  How far can you get the truck to travel by using force and weights?


Friction:  How far can you make the race car travel on the track? 


Micro-Organisms:  Use a camera and a microscope to investigate micro-organisms that might exist in your home! 


Draw a Habitat: Use information about a made-up animal to draw a habitat that the animal could survive in.


Changing Sounds:  How can you change the sounds of different instruments? 

Science Bob: A fun, interactive site that has several different areas for kids to choose from. There are videos, experiments, science fair ideas and a research help link with many fantastic links to other sites. Steer clear of the "Whatever you do, DON'T CLICK HERE" button! (or don't...)
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