First Grade Supply List

First Grade Supply List

First Grade Supply List

Copopa Elementary School
First Grade Supply List 2019-2020
** NO rolling backpacks, as they do not fit in lockers.

** Please be sensitive regarding t-shirt messages, we will continue to promote positive actions and good character!  

Index cards, 3 x 5 plain, 100 pk., white, 1 pkg. 
Ruler, wooden, inch and centimeter – Please Label with Name
Folder, 2- pocket, 1 – Please Label with Name
Pencils, #2 SHARPENED, 36
Highlighters, green, pink and yellow
Sharpies, 6 black
Crayons, Mini twistables, 24 count only
Glue, 7 5/8 oz., washable white, 1
Glue sticks, 4 jumbo
Scissors, blunt tip, 5” – Please Label with Name
Eraser, white, 4 
Plastic pencil/crayon box, 1 – Please Label with Name
Paint shirt – Please Label with Name

*****Please take ALL supplies out of packages

*At the beginning of the year after class posting:

Last Name A-H, 8-count washable markers, 1
Last Name I-P, Ziploc, quart-size bags, 1
Last Name Q-Z, Ziploc, gallon-size bags, 1


*Please have your student wear tennis shoes on Gym days, extra pair is not needed.
*Certain items may be requested during the year.

Fill crayon box with:
1 Glue Stick
ALL Highlighters
1 Sharpie
1 Eraser

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