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Consumer or Producer?


Heather Learns About Earning

How to Start a Business for Kids

Making Money: Business and Sales

Starting a Business

Line Graphs

All the Parts of Graphs  (scroll down to Line Graph


Creating a Line Graph from Given Data

Kids Bank - learn about money and banking

Educational Economics for Kids - variety of websites

Positive Incentives & Negative Incentives

What Are Incentives?

Incentives Influence Us!

What's the Incentive? game

Tic Tac Toe: What Do You Know? game

Scarcity and Opportunity Costs & Benefits

Scarcity and Choices

The Three Little Pigs (think about the opportunity costs and benefits of their choices throughout the story)

You Can Bank on This!

How Much Do You Know?

Vincent Van Gogh's "Flower Beds in Holland"

Making Money Choices & Budgets

Tim's Turn to Learn

Will Saves for the Stars

Managing Money: Creating a Budget

Mad, Mad Money

Money Metropolis

Ed's Bank

Road Trip to Savings

Smart or Not?

Review Games
Economics Vocabulary Jeopardy - a review of vocabulary you've learned about economics
Economics for Third Grade Jeopardy - an updated review game of what you've learned about economics
Economics Jeopardy - an old review game of what you've learned about economics
*Username and password for Brain Pop and Brain Pop Jr. are copopa
Needs and Wants on BrainPOP Jr.
Goods and Services on BrainPOP Jr.
Goods and Services on Teacher Tube 
Line Graphs 
Line Graphs on BrainPOP Jr. 
Needs and Wants on BrainPOP Jr.

Budgets on BrainPOP

Saving and Spending on BrainPOP Jr.

Money on BrainPOP
Banking on BrainPOP

Scarcity, Opportunity Costs, & Benefits 
Supply and Demand on BrainPOP
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