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Mrs. Mahoney




Course DescrIptIon:

Algebra I topics covered include (but  not limited to) solving equations and inequalities, working with functions, factoring, graphing, polynomials and quadratics. A graphing calculator is required.



What to brIng to class EACH day:

*Notebook (3 ring binder)

*Graphing Calculator

*Writing Utensil

*Colored Pencils or Markers




How to stay Connected:

*PowerSchool (to see your current your grade)

*Email (address above)



Grading Breakdown (per Quarter)

30%   Homework and Class Work

20%   Preparedness, Projects and

          Notebook Test

50%   Quizzes and Tests




Assignments to be completed outside of class will be given almost daily to practice the new concepts that were covered in class. Math is learned by doing and may take a lot of practice!

Homework will be graded by completion of ALL work assigned, not by correction. Therefore, NO LATE HOMEWORK is accepted.





PerIod 3 or PerIod 9     2015-2016




You will have the opportunity to make corrections on your Chapter Tests.  If you are not happy with your Test grade, you may choose to make corrections on any questions that you answered incorrectly, on a separate sheet of paper, and stapled on top of your original Test.  You may use your class notes or textbook to help you with corrections.  Your test grades should be a representation of what you know about certain concepts now, not what you knew about it on the original test date. This option is only available for Tests since they will have a higher point value than quizzes.



What to do if you are absent

When absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check the calendar in our classroom to see what you missed. If you missed adding information to our Notebook, then it is your responsibility to check with a classmate to fill in the information you missed. The calendar will also state what Assignments you missed. If you missed a Quiz, Test or Project, check with Mrs. Mahoney about how/when to make up that work.



What to do if you need help

I would love to help you if you need extra work on concepts that just aren’t clicking for you! Don’t hesitate to ASK for help! Sometimes even just a few minutes one on one can clear things up!


Our Mission
“To provide the students of our community with the opportunity for a balanced education from a staff dedicated to each student’s success.”
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